9 Things Your Home Should Do for You

Welcome to the course 9 Things Your Home Should Do for You.

This course will show you how you can create a home that supports you instead of draining you.

Are you ready to have a life you love in a home that you’re proud to show?

Then dive in!

I have put together the most fascinating information about Feng Shui here on this page.

This course comes with eight lessons.

There are three “appetizer” lessons that I recommend you watch before you watch the main class.

And then there are 4 bonus lessons for you to watch after, if you are fascinated with the information and want to go deeper!

  1. About Moni and Feng Shui for Us (8:14)
  2. What is Feng Shui and Schools of Feng Shui (14:10)
  3. Unlearning Limiting Feng Shui Teachings (8:47)
  4. MAIN CLASS: 9 Things Your Home Should Do for You (59:29)
    To follow along, download the class handout here.
  5. Find Out Who You Really Are (15:13)
  6. Why You Unconsciously Arrange Your Home to Stay Stuck (15:44)
  7. The 9 Transformations of the Giant Pangu (27:15)
  8. Feng Shui as a Feedback Loop (8:20)

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1 – About Moni and Feng Shui for Us

If you are new to Feng Shui for Us, I encourage you to watch this video so you learn a little bit about me and my unique approach to Feng Shui.

My degree in architecture has helped me understand the depths of Feng Shui in order to create a system that is easy to apply and that creates spaces that look amazing and have great energy – in our current time and culture.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System – the method I created to learn and apply Feng Shui – combines ancient Feng Shui, modern architecture and alternative healing, to produce the best results in spaces and in people’s lives.

This system is also at the core of the 14 books I have written on the topic of Feng Shui.

See how I started. Watch this video to learn about my background.

2 – What is Feng Shui? | Schools of Feng Shui

Watch this video for a brief explanation of what Feng Shui is and does, and why there are two main branches of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui originated thousands of years ago in the Chinese countryside, and it was all about living in harmony with nature.

About 2400 years ago, an urban explosion in the coastal areas of China forced Feng Shui masters to adapt Feng Shui to cities, and they went about it in two different ways.

Watch the video to see how the two responses to this challenge created the main two branches of Feng Shui in existence today.

3 – Unlearning Limiting Feng Shui Teachings

If you have previously studied other types of Feng Shui and find yourself confused or unsure about how to apply this art to create beautiful spaces and be lucky, watching this lesson is a must!

Some schools of Feng Shui are fear-based and other schools engage in too much wishful thinking. Learn how to disconnect from limiting Feng Shui teachings and replace ineffective knowledge with stuff that works. Watch below.

4 – The 9 Things Your Home Should Do for You

The home can support you, or it can drain you, but it is never neutral. Without Feng Shui, your home may be acting as your hidden enemy. With Feng Shui, your home can become your best friend!

In this class we talk about 9 vices of behavior that keep people stuck and where those issues appear in the home.

Once you uncover what spots in your home are working against you, then you become empowered to turn your home into a supportive partner!

This class was recorded live. If you would like to share your impressions or answer questions asked in the class, there’s a reply section at the bottom of this page.

5 – Find Out Who You Really Are

Ancient East Asian Philosophy, in my opinion, has the best explanation regarding who we are as human beings and what we came to do in our lifetime.

Being in alignment with this knowledge, and acting on it, is what makes us really happy.

Watch the video to learn about how you fit in the whole scheme of life.

6 – Why You Unconsciously Arrange Your Home to Stay Stuck

It is in the nature of human families, that children have to be controlled to be kept alive – especially when they are toddlers.

This is the process that in Ancient East Asian Philosophy is known as “domestication” of the human soul.

While domestication is necessary, it also disconnects you from your unique authentic nature and spontaneity. Lack of spontaneity also tends to make you rigid, and is conducive to getting stuck in life.

Watch the video below to learn about how the early process of domestication relates to the five elements personality types and what you can do to get on the road back to you.

7 – The 9 Transformations of the Giant Pangu

In an Ancient East Asian myth of creation, they talk about a giant who kept Heaven and Earth separated until they were stable.

The Giant Pangu is a metaphor for humanity. This story gives us the clues for what transformations a person needs to go through to stay connected to heaven and earth while re-discovering their authentic self.

8 – The Feng Shui Feedback Loop

The building where you live and the human beings that inhabit it, are in constant relationship to each other.

All people establish a feedback loop with their homes. That loop can be positive or negative. It all depends on the messages the home is giving you and whether your home is supporting you to be the best you that you can be!

This video shows you how a home with bad Feng Shui establishes a negative feedback loop that keeps you stuck in negative patterns. In the video you will also see how good Feng Shui helps you establish a positive feedback loop with your home, so that your home becomes part of your support system.


  1. Wooow, I was so happy to learn from all these very organised, well founded/tested and easy to understand knowledge in videos.

    Thank you Moni from learning so much,
    Hopefully becoming soon student and help my family & others to apply in their life’s…

    It is fun way to recognize imbalance in personal life😅 : still issues self doubt & self sabotage, but now in conscious level…and applying what I can at this moment for change

    The negativ and positiv loops make perfect sens too…

    Great empowering knowledge put in nice work!
    Congrats Moni🥳 !

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