4 Expensive Home Design Trends that Look Great but Are Bad Feng Shui

Welcome to the class 4 Expensive Home Design Trends that Look Great but Are Bad Feng Shui. Under the class video you will find more videos with exciting information about this topic, plus the current deals and bonuses in our group program called the Dream Home Lab.

Go here to print out the handout for this class if you want to follow along, and keep a cheat sheet to remind yourself of the most important content in the class. Download the document and print out page 2.

Having bad Feng Shui is terrible, but do you know what’s worse? Paying top dollar to have bad Feng Shui.

Watch the class below to learn what are the current 4 home design trends that are really expensive and look great, but are bad Feng Shui.

Bad Feng Shui translates into bad luck so it’s super important that you learn what trends to avoid so you don’t risk wasting money and ruining your home’s luck!

4 Expensive Home Design Trends that Look Great but Are Bad Feng Shui

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Sara Bell
Davenport, Iowa

All the Bonuses I Promised During the Class are Below

Here are all the bonuses I promised you during the class 4 Expensive Home Design Features that Look Great But are Bad Feng Shui.

Here you’ll find:

🌸 5 video series on Visualizing Your Dream Home

🌸 Bonus class: 4 Common Design Features that Are Bad Feng Shui

🌸 All the bonuses that come with the program (over $1,000 worth)

🌸 Discount codes and links (save the first month or get 4 months free when you join for the year)

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Visualize a Feng-Shui-Correct Dream Home

Everything in your home means something. All things in the home are talking to you and are saying things about you.

The way your home looks and feels is a result of decisions you have made in the past.

In the present, those decisions influence how you see the world.

It’s a feedback loop.

To manifest the home of your dreams, you first have to visualize it.

When you visualize a home, you’re not just calling into your life the home features you imagine, but also the beliefs about life that come with them.

Everything you ask for in a home comes with a way to see the world, so if you ask for design features that would bring bad luck, you are basically asking for bad luck.

Below you will see a series of five short videos to teach you how to visualize a home that is guaranteed to look fantastic, feel good, and have great energy:

  • Size (not everyone’e dream is a mansion)
  • Relationship with water (pool or no pool?)
  • Height (number of stories, types of staircases)
  • Neighborhood and neighbors
  • Status (how grand do you want your home to be?)

“I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with Moni. She has incredible wisdom and insight. She has been able to look at the spaces in and around my home and suggest simple cures to shift the energy. For example, removing a misplaced mirror allowed me to connect with 6 new people to share my services with one week. She is both pleasant and easy to work with. I am glad that I invested in becoming a member of the Dream Home Creation Lab.”

Susan Blodgett

4 COMMON Home Design Features that Are Bad Feng Shui + Infinity Pools

In the class 4 Expensive Home Decor Trends that Look Great but Are Bad Feng Shui I spoke about:

  • Double height ceilings
  • Open concept master bedrooms
  • Open and exposed staircases
  • Unframed glass or acrylic handrails and banisters

The class was lots of fun, but, except for high ceilings, the other 3 trends are only usually found in new, high end homes.

This follow up class discusses four home design features that are much more common in the homes of regular people.

The class also has the bonus that I had planned to teach at the end of the first class – Infinity Pools, and why you shouldn’t visualize these in a dream home where you can truly be happy.

In this new class, we explore:

  • All white kitchens
  • Excess of marble/granite
  • When cars seem more important than people
  • Excessively large bathrooms
  • + Infinity pools

4 Common Home Design Features that Are Bad Feng Shui

“Being a part of the FengShui dream home creation lab has deepened and expanded my knowledge of FengShui interior design – it’s a holistic art form that everyone can learn . I would call it FengShui interior design… it’s a really fabulous program .”

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Katie North
United Kingdom

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Miami, Florida


  1. I have an all white kitchen, but the backsplash is a dark beige. I have also added plants on the windowsill in terracotta coloured pots. Would I need to add any other decor items to have good Feng Shui in my kitchen?

    • You may need to add some small accents that bring in the fire element. Submit the photo for critiques next week in the Lab 😊

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