Many of us were raised with the wrong ideas about money. We were either taught, or made to believe by the example of others, that money corrupts the soul. The truth is that money has no morals of its own, but it does have the quality of enhancing the natural tendencies of a person.

In the United States and most industrialized countries money is the main means of exchange among people, and in order to thrive we need to heal our issues around money. Our Feng Shui cures for money have been designed not only to help the person connect with the concept of Universal abundance, but also to heal issues having to do with money.

In Feng Shui Water = Money, so any symbols or images of water can be used to attract money and abundance in general. For example, A waterfall image by the main door can help connect with feelings of abundance and thus attract money. Other products to browse are the red envelope note cards to bless money exchanges, the Feng Shui Bill (printed on paper to carry in your wallet to bless your money, also available as a magnet for your refrigerator). Clearing the water in the planet in Feng Shui terms is equal to clearing the money in the planet. Likewise, clearing the water element in our bodies can also help us understand better the concept of money and abundance.
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