What Type of “Clutterer” Are You?

Closet full of clothes: "nothing to wear"

Closet full of clothes: “nothing to wear”


The Stasher-Clutterer:

You are a stasher if your home gives the appearance of a tidy space until someone tries to open a cabinet, a drawer or a closet door — then the clutter overflows. I have found that clients who clutter in this particular way are often too concerned with what other people might think of them. In cases like these I work with them to help them realize what it is they really want out of their life, as opposed to trying to meet other people’s expectations.

The Organizer-Clutterer:

You are this type of “clutterer” if everything in your home or office has a place and you know where to find it — you just have too much stuff, and you keep a lot of things that you do not use and do not love. I find that clients who clutter in this way also “keep score” of what other people have done to them. In cases like these I work with them to assist them to release the past and to seek healing for the things that trouble them from that past.

The Messy-Clutterer:

Messes alone are not a problem in Feng Shui. Messes happen naturally as a result of living. The messes that never get picked up and accumulate over weeks or months do present a big problem of stagnation of chi (the life force) in Feng Shui. I often find that clients who clutter in this manner have some distaste for the established rules of society or a strong desire to be free and different. In these cases I work with them to assist them to find ways in which they can express their creativity while still managing their spaces in a way that doesn’t detract from their reputation and that optimizes their use of time. Many people who clutter in this way complain that they lack time, but when they organize a little, they find time seems to multiply.

The Decorator-Clutterer:

I also called this type the “well intentioned” clutterer. These are usually people who love to decorate and they love to shop, only soon they find that they are out of wall space or shelf space to continue expressing their passion for stuff. I find that clients who clutter in this way often have a strong desire to be liked by others and they go out of their way to try to create happiness for the people around them. In cases like these I work with them to assist them to create healthy energetic boundaries between themselves and the people they love, while at the same time filling up the voids in their own lives that the shopping and decorating habits seem to fulfill.

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