Which Door Is the Main Door?

A common question at seminars and lectures is how should a person choose their main door in order to place the life areas bagua map on their floor plan.This question comes usually from people who do not regularly enter their home via the front door but rather use the door from the garage or walk from the driveway to the back or side door. For most cases, the front door is still the main door, even if it is seldom used, but there are exceptions. Answering these three questions may help you determine which door in your home should be considered the main door or “mouth of chi”:

  1. Where do you get your mail?
  2. Where do private delivery services (UPS, FEDEX, etc.) drop off packages?
  3. If you had very important guests, which door would you have them use?

If the answer to any of the above three questions is “the front door” I recommend you consider that your main door, or “mouth of chi.”

Once you make a decision as to which is your main door, stick with it and draw the bagua map over your floor plan lining up the bottom of the chart to the wall that contains your main door.

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