Career at Odds with Life Mission

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This Healing Poem was designed to help people to connect with their true life mission(s).

Our chosen career is what we do for a living – in other words the kind of work that we do in order to get money.

Our life mission is that which we are meant to do – the task or tasks that we came to accomplish in this life time.

Career and Life Mission can be widely varying. For example, take a look at these three women whose life missions are to nurture and serve children. This is how they fulfill their life missions:

Woman 1 has made her life mission her career and has worked for over thirty years at early development centers around the world.
Woman 2 is a house wife who has raised not only her two children, but who generously offered to take care of all the babies from both sides of the extended family whenever the need arose. She now helps her children by taking care of her grandchildren during the day.
Woman 3 has a job as a corporate lawyer in a business that is not related to children. She didn’t have any kids of her own, but on Sundays she volunteers as a religious education teacher at her church.

For most people, life mission and career are not the same and this is not a problem. However, when life mission and career are at odds, it is not surprising to find deep dissatisfaction at the soul level. Some people are able to compartmentalize their career and their life mission in their emotional world, but people where meant to be integrated. This separation cannot be sustained for long periods of time.

Examples of careers at odd with life missions:
1. Life Mission: raise awareness about the need to protect the environment. Career: engineer at mountain top coal removal mining operation.
2. Life Mission: helping animals. Career: laboratory technician that does experiments on animals
3. Life Mission: educate farmers about organic crops. Career: working at a pesticide-producing factory

What can you do when your career and life mission are at odds? Read more about it here.

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