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A Question to Help You Look Into Your Soul – Career

When I teach Feng Shui classes or workshops I use a technique to help participants connect with their own inner sense for Life Area #1: Career, Life Mission and Individuality. I ask them to ponder this question: “If many years from now you were lying on your death bed, and had the chance to look back at your life, what would be the thing that would hurt the most to know that you didn’t do, learn, or accomplish?

This question is directed at helping people connect specifically with the second aspect of this life area: Life Mission. Career is what you do for a living. Your Life Mission is what you agreed to do, learn, or accomplish before you came into this life time. It is often connected with what you wanted to be when you were  a child or that which gives you the most joy in life. Some people who stray too far from their Life Mission, may suffer from issues related to the water element in the body: hair, ears, bladder or kidneys. Other people may feel paralyzed by fear. It is very important that you connect with your Life Mission.

Bill Austin and I, with the help of a practitioner of acupuncture, have designed two intuitive tools to assist you to reconnect with your Life Mission. Even just looking at the small images below in this email may be of help. Print them out and keep them in your wallet, your night stand or your desk drawer. If you feel they help, consider purchasing a cure from our store. You can click on the images to go to the store:

Healing Poem Mini Poster Print
Above is a healing poem. This Haiku type poem helps you become a better connector of Heaven (thoughts) and Earth (action in the physical world)

The Love Water Symbol is the alchemic definition of a Human Being: the mystery of Spiritual Fire (expressed in the red heart) acting over Energetic Water (expressed in the dark waves)

Although the images and explanations above may not make a lot of logical sense to you, there is a part of you that intuitively responds to them, because they hold eternal truths.

This is a link to the healing manual that contains both cures cited above and many more:

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