If You Hate Your Job…


A Waterfall is an excellent aid to find a new job when placed next to the main entrance door, on the side opposite the doorknob.

Negative emotions, especially one as strong as hate, tend to keep situations in place by their own force. For that reason, I find that people who hate their jobs have a very hard time finding a better job. Hate is a form of addiction, which comes from feelings of entitlement, the illusion of superiority, or fear. In order to get out of a situation that you dislike for any reason, it is necessary to lift the vibration around it in order to break the addictive behavior.

  • Find one thing you could love. Even in the worst of jobs you can find something you could love. Maybe the monitor is nice, or you sit on a comfortable chair. Every three days, find one more thing that you could love, or at least like at your job. Do this for at least three weeks, then send me some feedback. 🙂
  • Place the image of a waterfall on the same wall that holds the main entrance door to your home, on the side opposite the doorknob. For more details click here.
  • If there is a lot of tension at work, consider purchasing the master Feng Shui cure for harmonizing relationships with all the astrological signs. If that is not an option, get a cure for the Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel Area.

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