The Value of a Career


Over a decade ago, when I started my Feng Shui Journey, I believed what I had read in Feng Shui books and New Age sources of information, that claimed that there was something wrong with a person’s life if what they did for a living was not the same as their life mission. After the financial collapse of 2008, though, I have learned to see things different. Some of my clients, who had taken the leap to try and “live their dream,” found great solace in having a profession or a skill to fall back on and still be able to provide for themselves and their families, even if it was not their “dream job.”

Of course I would discourage someone from staying in a job or career path they absolutely hate, but I also have found through the experience of working with many clients, that it is a lot easier to get out of a situation you have hated when you no longer hate it. If you find yourself doing for a living something that makes you very unhappy, take a look at the aspects of the job or career that create this unhappiness: is it the schedule? the number of hours? the nature of the activity? After you have identified what it is that disturbs your energy or soul the most, use the gratitude box to transmute the energies.

A business client took a side job after her business income decreased at the end of 2008. She initially perceived herself as being extremely unhappy at this job, but after analyzing the different components of the situation, she realized that the only part she truly disliked about it was the commute. The actual performance of the job was in fact pleasant to her. When she identified the long commute as being the main source of her unhappiness, she started listening to audio books on her way to work. In this way, she used her time to educate herself, so that it would no longer be a “waste of time.” When she let go of the bitterness she had about the commute, she was able to see the great opportunities to make connections at this new job, which ended up being very beneficial to her when she was able to let go of the side job and put her energy back into her business.

There is a value in being able to generate enough income to support yourself and your loved ones, do not fall into the temptation to knock down what you do for a living, just because it is not what you dreamed of. For some people career and life mission come together, but for most people they do not. In the next issue, we will explore the concept of the Life Mission and how you may express it if your life mission is not in alignment with your career.

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