What Are Your Life Missions?

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From my own experience, the experiences of my friends who are light workers and my work of over 15 years practicing Feng Shui, I have observed that most people have more than one Life Mission and that there are different kinds of life missions:

  • Personal Agenda Missions – These are the things that we wanted to learn or experience in this life for our own growth or spiritual development. For example, one of the things I came to understand better this lifetime are issues of equality.
  • Agreement Missions – These are deals that we have made with others to represent roles for each other that help in the spiritual evolution of both or agreements to work as a team in specific life projects. These agreements are non-binding and stay in place for as long as both parties wish to continue working together.
  • Contract Missions – These are binding agreements that we have made before coming into this life to fulfill certain tasks or to assist others in their spiritual development. There may also be contracts to do something for the good of humanity, based on special skills or abilities that you brought with you or that you have developed. I have seen that when people stray too far from their spiritual contracts they tend to feel unhappy and sometimes even become accident prone or their immune system drops. When people are working towards the fulfillment of their contracts they often have feelings of elation, and many report that the entire Universe seems to be of assistance to them. Feng Shui is a contract mission for me.
  • Responsibility Missions – These are missions that you decide to fulfill on your own based on needs that you perceive around you, which match knowledge or skills that you have. In other words, if you are really good at something and you see a need for it, you feel the responsibility to get it done. The How to Eat project is one of these for me.
  • Compassion Missions – These are the things that you decide to do out of love or compassion for others, when you see them struggling in areas where you have already figured things out. Many writers of self-help books fall into this category. Sometimes, compassion life missions are extensions of personal agenda missions. In other words: when people have fulfilled their personal agenda life missions they have the option of sharing what they learned with others. The Path to Forgiveness project is one of these for me.

In Feng Shui, Life Missions are ruled by the water element, and the water element also is related to money. No wonder that many Life Mission issues are intertwined with issues around money. Check out some of my cures for money.

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