Señora Rosita’s Advice on Manifesting Love Part 1

During my last year at the school of architecture, I was left with only two classes to take and a lot of free time. To pass the time, I joined a sewing class, taught by a retired sewing teacher I had met at a restaurant where I often had lunch.

Señora Rosita shared with me that among seamstresses, there was this tradition and belief, that a sure way to find a husband was to start making the wedding trosseau.

She shared this story with me in the 80’s, and back then Señora Rosita was upwards of sixty years old, so she was referring to the early 20th century. “Back in the day,” she said, ” there was a set collection of clothes that a woman had to either make or have made for her wedding and honeymoon. You couldn’t just go out and buy these.”

This collection included the clothes that the woman would wear to the “civil marriage” (the legally binding signing of the marriage contract), the religious ceremony wedding gown, the outfit she would wear as all the family and friends invited to the reception waved goodbye at the happy couple, the lingerie for the wedding night, and ALL she would need for the honeymoon.

A woman was supposed to start her trousseau as soon as she felt that she was ready to marry. This clothes set included about 12 outfits. The woman had to visualize what type of honeymoon she and her still unknown groom would choose — mountain or beach? country style or city life? so she could decide what types of clothes to sew. The wedding gown was left for last.

Señora Rosita had seen her closest friends manifest a husband in this way. A couple of them found fiancees shortly after getting started, and the future grooms were so eager to marry, that the length of the engagement was set only by how long it was estimated that it would take to finish the trosseau.

It did not work like that for Señora Rosita. By the time she was ready to sew her wedding dress, no groom or even potential boyfriend had appeared. Señora Rosita started to despair, but instead of giving in to fear that she would remain an old maid, she put all her creative energy into the dress. She picked up extra work to be able to buy nicer fabric. She created the pattern herself, and made lots of trips downtown to look for the perfect lace, buttons, and silk flowers.

The sewing of her trosseau had taken almost two years. During those years she had become ever conscious of exercising and eating healthy foods, because she could not afford to change dress sizes during this process. When her wedding dress was halfway done, and she was struggling with the decision to add fluffy or slim sleeves to it, her future husband appeared. Señora Rosita said they had a blissful marriage. They understood each other very well and were both devoted to their children. Her friends who used the same method to manifest husbands, also went on to have happy marriages. Señora Rosita believed that she and her friends had created their marital happiness stitch by stitch.

What a powerful belief to have! What a powerful way to behave. Señora Rosita and her friends had clear goals to find good husbands, and they took action towards their future goal. Whenever fears or less than love thoughts crept up, instead of wallowing in them, they put their energy into a creative project that supported their desires. In doing this, they kept true to their purpose, and kept sending the message to the collective human energy field, or grid, that they were willing to put their own energy into the creation of happy homes. Good guys, who had the same objectives, picked up on this energy, and showed up!

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May You Find Great Love!

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