Señora Rosita’s Advice on Manifesting Love Part 2

Señora Rosita was a retired sewing teacher who occasionally taught private lessons. During my last year of architecture training, I took her classes and learned to design and sew my own clothes. To me, this endeavor was not too different from designing buildings. I saw it as designing structures to go around my body.

One afternoon, when a few of us where taking notes on pattern creation, a student brought in a negligee that she had sewn herself at home. She was very  proud of it, because it was her first solo creation, and also because Señora Rosita had warned her that she was not yet ready to sew this type of fabric.

It looked beautiful. Señora Rosita praised her for her work and raved over how good it looked… then she turned it inside out and gasped, as only she could, with horror.

The inside seems were uneven, and in some places the thread had collected in knots.

Señora Rosita said that the inside of a garment needed to look as good as the outside — a seamstress should be proud enough of her own work that she would not be ashamed of wearing it inside out.

The inside was as important as the outside, no — more, because the inside is what shows the craftsmanship, and how well the seems are done will determine how long the clothes last.

Sra. Rosita let her have it:

  • Did she want to only be pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside?
  • Did she want to go through life making simple things into knots and wasting resources like she had wasted thread?
  • Did she want her relationship with her boyfriend to get undone at the seams after just a few washes?

Señora Rosita believed that all the important questions in life could be answered, and resolved, by a quick comparison to her craft.

Would you be proud to wear your life inside out? Knowing who we are, what we stand for, is an essential aspect at the moment of choosing a love partner. You have to know who you are to know who you can love, and who can love you.

The Feng Shui for Love course addresses both the external aspects of attracting a love relationship or improving an existing one, but it also addresses the hidden aspects of relationships and how these can reveal unconscious self-sabotage in the area of love.

Most importantly, the Feng Shui for Love Course teaches you what small changes you can make in the master bedroom and the relationships corner to improve your love life, whether you are single or married.

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May You Find Great Love!

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