Best Bed for Single Women


Unless you are a very unconventional person, chances are that there are certain characteristics that you would like to find in a potential love partner: kindness, stability, generosity, dependability, to name a few. On the other hand, men who are looking for a woman with whom to start a serious relationship usually also look for a certain set of characteristics, like availability, loyalty, good humor, maturity and sanity. A conservative queen size bed is best for single women.

  1. Show you are available by making sure that there is easy access to both sides of the bed.
  2. Show you are loyal by having only two pillows on the bed, or two sets of pillows, one set of two for back support and another set of two for sleeping, but no more than that.
  3. Show your good humor by adding a couple of whimsical accent items to your bedroom.
  4. Show you are mature by NOT keeping plush animals in the bedroom, or any decor that would be a reminder of the “princess bedroom.”
  5. Show your sanity by keeping your bedroom in good order and choosing furniture that is classic, with nothing too strange or idiosincratic about it. In other words, go as conservative as you can while staying true to your self.

Bed stores place lots of pillows on beds to make them look fuller and cozier, which helps sales, but in real life, only two or four pillows are desired for the master bed.

What actions are you taking to find love? What are you willing to do to show Life that you are willing to love?


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