Love and Self Worth


Without a high sense of self worth, it becomes very difficult to find love that lasts.

During a trip abroad I did a consultation for a woman in her late thirties who, after being divorced for a few years, had decided she wanted to find a new love. When I analyzed her home, however, I found a lot of debris in the Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth corners of the building and the back yard. A brief interview confirmed that she lacked self confidence and had a distorted view of her own value. For example, she was very beautiful, but she was convinced no guy could stay passionate about her for a long period of time because her breasts were small. She had a long list of very interested suitors, but she would self-sabotage when she went out on dates.

I advised her to work on life area #4 (Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth) for a few weeks before applying any cures for relationships. Against my advice, she went ahead and purchased a large cure for marriage and placed it in the relationship corner of her home, without clearing the debris in the wealth corner. Shortly after that I learned from a mutual friend that she was going out with a man who had been on a wheel chair all his life. Her friend was worried because this woman had told her that she was not going out with him because he was an amazing man in spite of his disability, but because she did not believe that a man who was “whole” (her words) could love her.

This relationship, nor surprisingly, did not last long. When it ended, she did devote her energy to increase her sense of self worth and slowly cleared the stagnation in her wealth corners (of home and yard). This client later on married a man who was her match in every way.

To have a high sense of self worth you need to increase the presence of the wood (living tree) element. Place a forest image in the Wealth corner of your home to improve your self image at the subconscious level. Click here to see the location of the life areas.

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