Do You Love Money?

I love money! I love getting it, I love spending it. I love seeing it increase in the bank. I no longer have any debt, but when I did, I even loved paying it.

I especially love to take a few practically weightless pieces of paper to a store and then come out with a beautiful three dimensional piece of furniture made especially for me — though the people who made it, didn’t know at the time that it was me they would bless with their craftsmanship.

What IS Money?

Money is an expression of chi — the chi of the Water element. Money is a wonderful invention that allows us to exchange value for products and services in human society.  Only people who do not understand money think of money as dirty, evil or incompatible with spiritual work.

We need to love money, not because money is “worthy” of love — money is neutral — but because TO LOVE is our nature. Whenever we hate or despise something or someone, we shift away from our true nature!

If you struggle with the acceptance of money, or have negative beliefs about money, I suggest you check out our book: Feng Shui Cures for the Planet and Money Clearing Manual. Just looking at the cover will be beneficial!

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Clearing Money

I love money, but I do not love how weird people get sometimes around issues having to do with money. This is why in Feng Shui we exchange money in red envelopes with the intent that it be multiplied for both the paying and the receiving party. This intent is very powerful in transmuting the energy of money and cleansing it from the less than love frequencies people attach to it.

It used to make me extremely sad to hear that somebody would deprive themselves from the blessings that come with Feng Shui because they felt that they could not afford my services or classes. For this reason I have spent years writing several books so that everyone has access to Feng Shui for a very affordable


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