Feng Shui Tips to Find a Job

It used to be that when I worked with clients who were looking for a job, they got amazing and almost instant results after hanging a waterfall for money next to their main door.


In the past few years, however, this simple cure for money has not proved enough for people to find a job when they have been without a job for a long time.

Today I am sharing with you a package of cures to open up the doors of opportunity for people who are looking for a job.

  1. Do place a waterfall by the main door entrance. Click here to look at sample waterfalls and to read about the specifics on how to choose and how to hang a waterfall.
  2. Control unnecessary spending by taking care of any problems with water in your home. This includes, but is not limited to, pipes that are leaking, roof leaks, humidity and mold. If there is any issue that you cannot fix at the moment, do this symbolic cure: either place or draw a red dot next to the spot where the problem is happening.
  3. Hide any photos of you that are not especially flattering to you. Place in your home at least one photo of you where you look happy.
  4. Start a Gratitude Box. You can click on this link to see the one we offer. You can use any box that is square and has some ceramic and at least a little yellow on it. (The symbolism here is important). Write at least three notes the first day and put them in the box.
  5. Change the Way You Pray Starting today stop praying for a job, so that you can get the money, so that you can pay for ___________ (fill in the blank). Instead pray directly for what it is you need: a roof over your head, electricity, phone service, food, clothes, books, a new car, etc.
  6. Start a Wealth Poster. Click here to get instructions on how to start a wealth poster.
  7. This last cure is to counteract the mass consciousness belief that “these are hard times”  or that “there are no jobs.” This cure will help you connect with synchronicity: Get 6 small white or gray marbles, or six white or gray pebbles, or six small white or gray crystals. Place the marbles, pebbles or crystals inside a red envelope or wrap them in a piece of red cloth. Place this cure inside a drawer in the Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel area.  (Any type of cloth will work, but a natural cloth works better.)

When you start to experience amazing Serendipity, send me a note. 🙂

Within 7 days you should see some sign that the Universal winds have changed for the better, if it is for Highest Good that you find a job. Consider the possibility that finding a job may not be the best way to get your needs taken care of at this time. For example, you may need to take a break from working, or you might start your own business, or work as a freelancer.

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