Life Areas and Family Members


Even though life area #3 Health, Family and Community deals with family relations in general, eight of the nine life areas work each with the energy dynamics of a particular family member.Understanding these dynamics helps us understand better both family life, and our perception of the life areas. Of course these relationships are based on a family with two parents and six children, and probably few families today would fit this scheme, but if you think of the traditional families and what roles each person was expected to fulfill, you will see how they match:

  1. Career, Life Mission and Individuality – Middle Son
  2. Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships – Mother
  3. Health, Family and Community – First Son
  4. Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth – First Daughter
  5. Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude – no family member
  6. Spirituality, Helpful People and Travel – Father
  7. Children, Creativity and Entertainment – Youngest Daughter
  8. Wisdom, Self Knowledge and Calm – Youngest Son
  9. Fame, Reputation and Social Life – Middle Daughter

In traditional families, the first son was the main heir and expected to continue the family life, hence his association with the life area that connects us to our ancestors.

The middle son, on the other hand, was expected to find his own fortune, therefore is associated with the life area that is also related to danger – career.

Once the family or clan had been provided with the “heir and the spare,” the third son was given more freedom to study or to join the clergy – wisdom. A long time ago, the best educated men where priests.

The first daughter is related to the wealth area because she helped the mother to manage the household.

The middle daughter, with fewer responsibilities to bear, had more freedom to socialize and help organize social events – social life.

The youngest daughter was considered the source of joy for parents as they aged, which is why she represents the life area that has to do with enjoyment and receiving, rather than producing.

The father was the patriarch of the family and the symbolic connection with Heaven.

The mother was the matriarch, associated to the generosity of the Earth.

Which One are You?

Are you a first, middle, or third child? Which life area represents your standing with the family based on order of birth and gender? You may find that this life area is especially challenging for you, if your original family had a high degree of dis-functionality, or if undue responsibilities were assigned to you when you were too young to take them on.

If you grew up in a fairly functional family, then you may find that you tend to excel in the life area that corresponds to your position in the family.

If you feel that your family relations in general need help, consider getting the Feng Shui Cures for the Life Areas book. This book has prints with cures for all of the life areas, and master healing images for the life areas in general, as well as the Wheel of Life, a vibrational healing tool to assist us in knowing how much time, energy and resources to devote to each life area at any given time.


How to Get Along with Your Family Members 

All families have conflicts because people are all different. To get along with your relatives you first need to understand the Feng Shui Five Elements Personality Types.

Click on the link below to enter your name and email so I can send you the guide to find your personality type and that of your family members, as well as register you for the free webinar on how to get along with them.

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