Are you evil? And what does that have to do with your father?

There is a prevalent view in our culture that humanity is evil at its core.

Religious groups say that because of our “evil nature” we need to turn to a Higher Power to save us from ourselves.

Atheists say that we are still evolving from animal origins, and that we need to transcend the animal nature that, although acceptable in the natural world, is evil when living in human society.

When you watch the news, what do you see? All the “evil” that has happened in the world in the last day, week and month, concentrated in one hour, presented as if all was happening at the same time in that moment, all over the world. However, when you pry yourself away from the TV, the computer and social media, and look around yourself, what do you see?

Most people see peace. People going back and forth from home or work, people working on their lawns, walking their dogs, playing with their children, gardening.

Most of the world is like what you see out your window, not like what you see on the news, but the news paint a picture for us of a world that gets worse and worse, even when in reality things are really getting better.

One reason many are so strongly called to watch the news is that the news show us things that are rare, peculiar, not normal.

The school of thought that gave rise to Feng Shui comes from the premise that your spirit is naturally good and incorruptible, although in this plane of existence, when you are in a physical body, you have the potential to do bad things.

Feng Shui does not see people doing evil things as evil themselves, but as folks who suffer from an evil condition.

In Feng Shui, the same life area that deals with morals, values, and issues of right and wrong, is the life area that represents both Heaven and the father. People who did not have a harmonious relationships with their father tend to have trouble with this life area. Read more…

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