Why Small Changes Work Better


Why Small Changes Work Better

Every person has within unconscious stops to the achievement of their goals. In some people these stops are small and easy to remove. In other people these stops seem to have deep roots.

At some level, a part of people’s minds decides that it is safer for them to keep a particular situation in place, even though it may be uncomfortable, because that part of the mind believes it to be necessary for survival.

For example, I once worked with a woman who put unconscious stops to her business success, because somewhere in the back of her mind was the belief that her husband would leave her if she spent less time at home and more time with clients. When the background or deeper mind weighs the struggle for attracting more business with the possibility of ending a marriage, the former is seen as less threatening than the latter.

When Feng Shui identifies indications of self sabotage in a person, a big change in their environment usually meets great resistance from the deeper mind and more often than not backfires. However, small changes are not perceived as a threat to the mind’s “status quo” and tend to work better.

Feng Shui Cures Big and Small

When choosing a cure for a life area, follow the same system you would use for working muscles:

– Just as you would use large weights for strong muscles, you can add large cures for life areas where you are naturally strong.
– However, if the muscle was weak, then you would only be able to lift small weights. By the same token, use only the tiniest cures for the life areas where you struggle the most. (As the life area strengthens, you will become able to use larger cures.)

The Feng Shui principle of “very  little” is one reason you would almost never hear a Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Practitioner recommend that the walls of a room be painted in the same color of the life area.

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