Feng Shui Can Help Increase Income


Money is not the only way to increase income or abundance, it is only the means of increasing these with which we are most familiar in the United States and other industrialized countries.

In the past few years, after the financial crisis, we have started re-discovering other ways to increase abundance, which have never been lost in areas of the world were cooperation is as important, or more important, than money.

  • Income increases when people trade or barter professional services.
  • Income increases when two friends help each other out by taking turns taking care of each others children.
  • Income increases when friends show up to help paint the house so there is no need to hire someone to do it.
  • Income increases when someone finds at a yard sale the exact dining table that they had been saving to buy online for much more.
  • Income increases when a post on Facebook guides someone to the instructions on how do something by themselves.
  • Income increases when a friend shares of the harvest in their organic home garden

Can you think of other ways in which you have seen income increase, that do not involve money? Share a comment below this post.

3 Feng Shui Tips to Increase Income

To increase income follow these tips:
1 – Place a waterfall next to the main door entrance. Waterfalls help connect with the concept of the Divine Providence, that sustains our lives in a constant, flowing motion.
2 – Place a forest image in the wealth area of your home. Forests help us connect with the feeling of security that comes to us from living in a natural environment that provides us with all we need.
3 – Make sure there are no water leaks in your home. Water in Feng Shui represents money. Leaks represent loss or waste of money.


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