The worst Feng Shui advice ever for bathrooms!

I am flabbergasted by the number of websites that disseminate one of the worst pieces of Feng Shui advice I have EVER encountered.

These websites say that to counteract the draining effect that the toilet has in the chi of a home, you should place a bagua mirror on the ceiling right above the toilet.

Their reasoning is that the mirror will pull chi up, reversing the pull of the drain.


Let’s analyze this piece of advice step by step.

1 – If you put a mirror on the ceiling above the toilet, and look up, you will have a prime view of yourself using the “john.” How good Feng Shui does this seem to you?

2 – Bagua mirrors are used to disperse and deflect negative energy directed to your home, from the outside, and hence should never, ever, be used inside of the home, lest you duplicate negative energy present in the home (the only exception is inside of money boxes). Moreover, any mirrors duplicating toilets should be avoided, otherwise you are duplicating a problem feature.

3 – When someone decides to flush without putting the toilet seat down, you can look up to your bagua mirror and see how your “number 1” and “number 2” go up “to heaven.” How inauspicious is that? Totally gross!

DO NOT place a mirror above the toilet. Simply keep your bathroom very clean and well ventilated, and train everyone at home to always put the toilet seat down, even before they flush (one very practical reason for this is to avoid dirty water splashing out of the bowl), and keep the bathroom door closed.

About 75% of all Feng Shui advice you find on the internet is WRONG or DISEMPOWERING, so take what you read with a grain of salt, unless it comes from a very trusted source. I have made a commitment to check all Feng Shui knowledge against its source, Traditional Chinese Wisdom, AND I have tested most of the cures personally, sifting out any advice that is fear based or superstitious. To learn about the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, click here.

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  1. I have a large rectangle mirror on the outside of my SE wealth corner bathroom door, showing the reflection of my living room – is this a good way to cure the drain on my finances? ty

  2. Hello Moni, I am learning so much from you!
    I do not have a mirror on the ceiling above the toilet but I do have an oval shaped one on the wall behind the toilet (above the cistern). It also faces the shower recess. What do you advise about this ? Should I remove it or leave it there? I like where it is but if it is detrimental I will follow your advice.

    • Hi Debra, I would remove from a bathroom any mirror that is not the vanity mirror on the wall behind the sink. It sounds like your mirror might be reflecting the toilet – not good.

      • Hi, How come flushing the toilet is considered to losing finances etc when in reality what is being flushed from the toilet is waste – which should be a good thing to get rid of? Just curious as I’ve never understood this part????
        Thank you
        Anna, Denmark

        • Flushing the toilet is not related to losing finances. All drains in the home are escapes of chi (life force), including the toilet. This is why it is recommended that the toilet seat be kept down and that drains are kept covered.

          • Thanks for your reply! Can you keep drains covered with fabric? I have 3 drains close to each other – the water from the ones living above me goes through those.. If yes should it be simple or pretty fabric – I’m thinking if it should stand out or be as “invisible” as possible since they should be covered up
            ???? (a smiley – sometimes they look like question marks when typed)

          • Probably not. I would need to see a picture to know for sure. Please join my Facebook group where you can ask questions and even share photos on Sundays (as comments under the posted graphic).

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