Show Me the Red Envelope!

Red Envelope Tradition - Note Cards (Pk of 10)Click on the image of the red envelope above to check out our notecards
that carry the energy of the red envelope transaction.

In a popular movie, Cuba Gooding Jr’s character teaches Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire to say “Show me the money!” In Feng Shui you could say “Show me the red envelope!”

The color red represents the fire element and signifies the strength of the sun, it is considered a giver of life [without sun there would be no life on earth] and a glue that keeps things together.

Red envelopes are often used in Feng Shui wherever the fire element is needed. The fire element is related to the Fame, Reputation and Social Life Area. You want your reputation to spread like the rays of the sun, or “like a house fire.” This is especially important for businesses that depend on referrals.

When it comes to financial transactions it is recommended to place checks or money inside a red envelope and then hand them in person to the receiving party. Cash is preferred because it operates “in the present.” When you make a payment with cash the transaction is completed right then and there, whereas with a check it may take a few of days for that to get through. Of course, you can also send the red envelopes in the mail.

The sponsoring thought associated with the red envelope tradition is that the money be multiplied for both parties, both the giving and the receiving end.


It is especially important to use a red envelope whenever you are making a payment “that hurts.”

If you are unable to get red envelopes at this time, get a red marker and write the word “Blessings” on all envelopes that carry your payments.

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