The Truth About Mirrors In Front of the Bed

It’s a common Feng Shui advice to avoid mirrors in front of the bed, and for good reasons. There are practical reasons and energetic reasons to avoid this.

Some Feng Shui Consultants Disagree About Mirrors in Front of the Bed

I recently watched a YouTube video that one of my colleagues had created, about bedroom myths. In this video, my colleague says that it is a myth that you should not place a mirror right in front of your bed. According to him, it is perfectly fine to do this, as long as you do not have trouble sleeping – because mirrors activate chi, and too much chi can affect sleep.

All people give you advice based on what they believe, what they have learned, and what they have experienced. I was surprised to see this colleague so confidently dismiss Feng Shui advice that is thousands of years old.

In My Own Experience, It’s Bad to Have Mirrors in Front of the Bed

I could not easily dismiss this age-old Feng Shui advice, because on two different homes I have had mirrors in front of my bed. Once when I was in my twenties, and once after I had learned Feng Shui and wanted to test this concept.

When I watched the YouTube video I mentioned, my first thought was that this Feng Shui consultant must not ever had an experience of what is commonly known as the “astral” plane. I, however, had an experience in my early twenties where I “woke up,” started moving around in my bedroom, then saw my transparent image in the mirror, and “through me” I could see myself still sleeping on the bed! Yikes! I woke up and sat on my bed with my heart pounding!

Let me tell you, seeing yourself as transparent and then seeing another you in the background can be pretty scary! Based on my personal experience, I would never question this age old piece of Feng Shui advice:

DO NOT place a mirror in front of your bed.

DO NOT place a mirror in front of your bed

OK, let’s say, you do not believe what I wrote above, because you have not had an experience in the astral plane.

I can still prove to you that having a mirror in front of the bed is not a good idea.

In my early thirties my husband and I moved into a home where there was only one way our king size bed could fit in the bedroom. The only place for our large dresser and mirror was right in front of the bed. I decided, on purpose, not to cover up the mirror to see what would happen.

The very first morning, when I woke up and sat up in the bed I almost had a heart attack. I am exaggerating, of course, but in this I kid you not: I had no idea how bad of a bed-head I had first thing in the morning. My hair is long and naturally curly, so I looked a bit like the Greek mythological figure called Medusa. To top it off, I noticed that when I first wake up, sometimes one of my eyes opens more than the other, giving me an oddly asymmetrical look.

Let’s face it, unlike babies and small children, who look so cute in the morning, most adults do not look their best when they first wake up. Is a less than flattering image of yourself the first impression you want to give yourself in the morning?

DO NOT place a mirror in front of your bed. Trust me and Feng Shui advice that is thousands of years old!

There’s a Lot of Bad Feng Shui Information Out There

About 75% of all Feng Shui advice you find on the internet is WRONG or DISEMPOWERING. Always take what you read with a grain of salt. I have made a commitment to check all Feng Shui knowledge against its source, Traditional Chinese Wisdom. I have tested most of the cures personally, sifting out any advice that is fear based or superstitious. This is why you can trust the advice I give you.

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  1. In reply to the question: Hi Moni, What if the mirror is opposite the bed but cannot be seen when lying on or sittiing on the bed ?

    If the mirror is on the wall opposite your headboard, but not in line with the bed in any way, then it is OK to keep. If there is trouble sleeping or winding down, it may help to cover it up at night still.

  2. Thank you Moni, I do like my mirror because it is above a high chest of drawers and it does look good.
    Maybe I should send you a photo?


  3. Debra, if you drew a line from the sides of the bed to the wall, and the mirror would be outside of those lines, then it’s OK.

    If the mirror would be inside of those lines, even if the mirror is hung so high you could never see yourself when sitting on any spot of the bed, then it is not OK.

    Another rule of mirror is that when standing up, no one’s head should be cut off on the top or bottom.

    I will be teaching a teleclass on all about Feng Shui and mirrors some time this year.

  4. Thank you Moni I will do that and let you know.

  5. Hi, My daughter’s bed is in front of her closet that has mirrored doors, the closet is almost the width of the room. How can I remedy this? Thanks for the help!

    • I once solved a similar problem by putting wall paper on the mirrors. I chose a pattern that had the base color the same as our wall colors. Some clients have put a large curtain rod and curtains so they can close the curtains at night.

  6. Hi Moni, in our new home there is a mirrored wardrobe running the length of the bed (not opposite) Is that okay or should I disguise it somehow?
    Thank you

    • I had something like that once too. It’s still problem. if the mirror is on the side. What I did was to cover up the mirrors with wall paper that matched the color of the wall. I used decorative masking tape to fix the wall paper to the mirror around the edges and it worked really well.

  7. Thanks Moni, I will have to go shopping for wallpaper or something to cover the mirrors.

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