Manifesting Your Dream Car – Healing and Clearing Session

In the Feng Shui Best Buddies Manifesting Club, we have learned how to manifest love health, wealth, joy, and a dream home. During these first six months of the program participants have been progressively raising their vibration.

Some surprises have happened, perhaps the most exciting was an unexpected trip to Hawaii for one participant who realized she had spent too many years putting herself last!

The Feng Shui Best Buddies are also finding that as they raise their vibration they can no longer tolerate mistreatment from other people. People who have been used to treating the Buddies in unkind ways are finding that they must change their ways! People with a higher vibration refuse to allow others to put them down.

As you raise your vibration, your emotional body cleanses and heals.

In the month of July we are working on Manifesting Your Dream Car, and I expected that things would be especially light and playful. For this reason, I was very surprised when after the meeting for the second week, I started receiving feedback from folks who told me they had decided manifesting a dream car was not so important after all and they should direct their money elsewhere, or lower their expectations. Someone said it was “too frivolous” to devote energy to manifesting a dream car.

The common denominator was that people were giving up on manifesting their next dream car! This had happened right after doing their homework for week 2: find out how much your potential dream cars cost.

I expected that the Feng Shui Best Buddies would have their wealth consciousness challenged that week because dream cars are usually more expensive than current cars, and most people feel like their dream car is beyond their reach. It makes sense: if they didn’t feel this way, they would already have it.

However, I was not expecting that people would just want to give up!

As we explored what was going on during our meeting on week 3, I found that what was really happening with this manifesting theme was that all the issues  from previous problems with cars were being stirred up with the homework of finding out how much their dream car cost.

The most pressing were feelings of guilt from accidents where the person was “at cause,” and even more strong emotions were stemming from accidents a person caused and for which they did not pay.

Someone shared with me that he identified a feeling that he should not be trusted with a “dream car” because he is “the kind of person that ‘totals’ cars.” As a teenager he ‘totaled’ someone else’s car and his mother had to pay for it. He is middle aged now, and has just discovered that he had never forgiven himself for this!

On account of all that has come up regarding past issues with cars and fears about future accidents with cars, we are devoting the meeting in week 4 of Manifesting Your Dream Car to doing a group spiritual healing and clearing session around these issues.

If you do some soul searching and find out that you are still suffering the consequences of car problems in the past, considering joining the Feng Shui Best Buddies Manifesting Club today so you can benefit from the clearing Thursday night. You can join for just one month for $50, but if you choose to join us for a six month period you get to save 34%, and if you choose to purchase the whole year package, you get to save 40%! Click here to check out the Feng Shui Best Buddies Manifesting Club.

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