What Do You Balance in Life? The Feng Shui Scale

Everyone is talking about living a balanced life, but what exactly do you balance in life? Balance means “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.”

The Feng Shui Scale

Feng Shui considers that life has not one but four scales.  On each plate of these four scales, lies a life area, and all four scales share the same vertical post. The vertical post represents the life area in the middle: the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude. As you may imagine, this is the most important life area.

I have placed numbers on the plates of the graphic above so you can relate them to the numbers of the bagua map on this pagehttp://www.fengshuiforus.com/feng-shui-nine-life-areas.html

The life areas at the end of each spoke work together, and are in tension with each other. For example, some people have trouble developing wealth (4) because they have too much help coming from other people (6) and do not feel the need to “stand on their own feet.”

Likewise, a man or woman might have trouble finding or consolidating love (2) because they lack self-knowledge (8).

When a client struggles with a life area, we look not only at what happens in the spot of their home that represents that life area, but also at what is happening at the other end of the home — the life area that is in tension with the one at hand.

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