How to “Shop” for a Feng-Shui-Correct Guy

Some weeks ago I wrote an article on How to Buy Feng-Shui-Correct Clothes. When I shared the article with one of my single friends she joked, “I wonder if you could do the same with guys.” We had fun coming up with funny ways to compare “guy shopping” to clothes shopping, and had a good laugh.


All jokes aside, however, the thought stayed with me, to write an article on what are the things to look for in a man before ever “falling for him.”

How to Choose a Feng-Shui-Correct Guy

If you see a guy you like “on the rack,” look for the following:

1 – Check the tags. Is he available? If he is married, engaged, or has been dating the same person for a long time, put him back on the rack.

2 – When you are with him, do you feel better or worse about yourself? If you feel bad about yourself when you are around a man, put him back on the rack.

3 – Is he a natural fit? Do you feel at ease when you are with him or do you feel you have to make an effort to impress him or be liked by him? The best relationships are those that you create with a person with whom you feel OK to be yourself.

4 – Does the guy compliment you too much or criticize you? A man that compliments you too much is in “hunter” mode, and may lose interest after the hunt. His eagerness may prevent him from getting to know the real you. A man that criticizes you from the beginning of a relationship will be likely to put you down or be abusive later on. Put him back on the rack.

5 – Does he seem OK in every way but your gut instinct tells you to run away in the other direction? Your intuition and your instinct may be picking up on things that you are missing consciously. Do not ignore the messages from your deeper mind. Beware, however, that you are not wanting to run away from a great guy as a form of self-sabotage or because you are afraid of commitment.

Only go out with a guy if he is available, helps bring out the best in you, you are happy to be yourself around him, is natural around you, and your heart tells you he is right for you.




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