How to Clear Books that Have Been In the Bathroom


Last week I taught you a Feng Shui Cure to Eliminate Bad Odors that involved one or more paper bags and the cheapest charcoal you could find.

Today, I am sharing with you a Feng Shui Cure to Clear Books that Have Been In the Bathroom, which is similar to the previous one.

Chi, whether positive or negative, bounces off of smooth surfaces and is absorbed by porous surfaces. If you magnify paper, you will see that it is a very porous surface, so it absorbs a lot of chi. This can be good, for example, when someone you love very much or admire gives you or lends you a book that they have read and loved, you get some of their energy with it.

It can also be very, very bad, when a person takes a book to read in the bathroom. The paper in the book absorbs the negative energy present in the bathroom.

When I first started doing Feng Shui Consultations, I used to tell clients to NEVER take a book in the bathroom, but to only keep magazines that could be recycled right after being taken out of the bathroom — if they felt they must read something when sitting in the toilet.

Who was I kidding, right? Lots of people take books in the bathroom, and they are not likely to stop just because a Feng Shui consultant told them it was “bad Feng Shui.” Most people also feel odd to put a book back on their bookshelf, after they have taken it in a bathroom.

Things can get more complicated. What if you have fallen for the temptation to take a book you do not own in the bathroom with you? What then? Wouldn’t you feel odd to return it?

There are other circumstances when knowing how to clear a book can come in handy. Say that you find a rare and precious book at a flea market or a second hand book store. It is just what you were looking for, but it has a funny smell or it gives you a funny feeling. It feels “unclean.” The problem is, you can either get this one for a few bucks, or you can buy the collectors copy you found online for $270!

Luckily for you, I have designed a cure to clear books that have been taken in the bathroom, or that have absorbed bad chi for any other reasons, inspired in the cure to eliminate bad odors that I shared with you last week.

  • Get a large paper grocery bag and fill it with two layers of plain charcoal (untreated).
  • Place the book inside a smaller paper bag. Put the small bag inside the larger bag, on top of the charcoal.
  • Do not seal the smaller paper bag.
  • Fold the top of the large grocery bag and clip it to seal it.
  • Leave the book in for at least one week.

When you get the book out, the charcoal should have extracted any foul smells and bad chi from the book. At that time, you can put the book back in the shelf.

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