The REAL Feng Shui “Money Bag”


I am sure you have seen it, a few times a year they circulate via email or social media, these chain letters or messages about the “Feng Shui Money Bag.”

The people who start them claim that “This month has 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays (and in some they say 5 Mondays or 5 Fridays). This is called a Feng Shui Money Bag. This is a rare occurrence that you won’t see again in your lifetime. This only happens every 823 years!”

They go on to tell you that if you share or continue the chain, you will receive a monetary windfall.  Some add that if you don’t, you will lose money.

Since these emails started circulating several years ago, they have shown, by the mere fact that you see a few of these every year, that these occurrences of 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, 5 of another day in a month are not so uncommon!

Feng Shui Money Bags do exist, but they have nothing to do with the number of particular days in a month.

Using the term “Feng Shui Money Bag” is one way in which the people who start these chains try to add legitimacy to their claims, or increase their credibility.

I hope you do not ever, ever engage in chain letters. They are a very quick way to lower your vibration. They all have bad energy, and try to manipulate you through guilt or fear. Do not lower your vibration with chain letters. Whenever you receive a chain letter or message, simply delete it.

Whenever someone sends you a chain message with the false “Feng Shui Money Bag” share with them this article, which explains what a real Feng Shui Money Bag is and how to use it.

The REAL Feng Shui “Money Bag”

To create a real Feng Shui “Money Bag” you need:

  1. 9 coins, if they are golden in color, the better.
  2. A small red bag made of cloth. Miniature Santa bags are OK to use.
  3.  String or ribbon in red or gold color.

Wash the coins with toothpaste and an old toothbrush, then rinse them with abundant water and dry them with a rag or paper towel. 

Put the 9 coins inside of the small red bag made of cloth, then tie the top with the red or gold string or ribbon.

Place your Feng Shui Money Bag in the place in your home or business that represents how money comes into it.

Here are some examples:

  • If you receive checks through the mail, place the Feng Shui Money Bag in the place where you set down the mail after you bring it in from the mailbox.
  • If you receive orders via phone, place the bag next to your phone.
  • If your main source of income is via internet orders, place the bag next to your work computer.
  • If you go out to sell things or provide services and you are paid on site, put the bag in the same place where you keep your purse or wallet when at home.
  • If you run a retail shop you can put the bag in the money drawer or in the cabinet or shelf underneath the cash register.
  • If you receive money via direct deposit to your bank, place the money bag by the computer or device you use at home to check your accounts online.

Feng Shui cures are designed to send messages about your goals and purposes to your deeper mind, bypassing your conscious AND subconscious minds. Doubts reside in the conscious mind, and self sabotage in the subconscious mind. The deeper mind, on the other hand, is connected to your high self, and is where manifesting begins.

Remember to never put money, check books, credit/debit cards, or your Feng Shui Money Bag next to an exit door, where someone could grab it and quickly get away with it.


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  1. I receive my paycheck at work then cash it at the bank. I would like to know where to place a bag?

  2. I just had a $250 bill that was due this week cancelled! I keep my Money Bag by my computer.

  3. I get my income thru the bank. Were do i put the money bag

  4. I live in Australia, our $1&$2 coins are gold do I use these coins to put in the bag?
    I do on line trading do I put the bag next to my computer?

  5. I receive money from playing the slots at the casino ,whrer should I put my money bag?

  6. i receive check from the company where i’m working, then i cash my check and keep money in my cupboard. where should i place my bag?

  7. Where is the best place to leave the bag instead of moving it around?

  8. elizabeth martinez espinoza

    i get direct depost , every two weeks where do I keep my money bag, I also have a red box at home where I keep 2 dollar bills. and change

    • Keep your money bag close to the place where you check your bank balance from home, like for example, your computer.

  9. Hello,

    I receive my checks direct deposits every week( I am the one who does payroll). I just my bank statements on me cell phone or on my work computer. Where would be the best place to keep my money bag? Oh and would chinese luck coins be good to use inside the money bag?

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