Is it time to Rebirth your Life? Feng Shui can help.


In Traditional Chinese Wisdom, which developed alongside, and in conjunction with, Feng Shui, there is a belief that every life is planned before conception. The circumstances of your birth, your genetics, your nationality, your first language, are all chosen to provide you with the environment that will make it more likely that your life unfolds according to this plan.

This plan, done before conception, is what is understood by the Chinese definition of Destiny. Unlike our Western definition, which tends to create scenarios where, no matter what you do or what decisions you make, what is “meant to happen” will happen, the Chinese Definition of Destiny allows for plenty of leeway.

For starters, fulfilling your destiny is fulfilling your full potential, and we know that not every person gets to realize their full potential. When you consider a pine seed, its destiny, if all goes well, is to become a strong, vibrant pine tree. An acorn, if all goes well, will become a healthy oak tree. Every life is provided with a seed that holds the potential of what they can become, but there is no guarantee that it will be realized.

Whether this potential is achieved or not depends on how the person exercises his or her free will. One way to know if the decisions we make with our free will are aligned with our destiny, or potential, is how smoothly things go after a decision. If you are trying to take a path, and feel that it gets blocked at every step, it may be the sign that this decision is at odds with what you came to accomplish in this lifetime.

This does not mean that all obstacles indicate that you are going in the wrong direction. Some obstacles are there to provide you with the opportunity to develop the qualities and the strength you will need to achieve the things you came to achieve, and which are for your Highest Good.

Speaking of Highest Good, your Highest Good is always in alignment with your destiny. Destiny — your best potential, if you will — is always designed to bring about the best circumstances to help you achieve your goals for the current lifetime. When things turn out in a way you do not like, do not blame it on destiny or fate, but on incorrect choices. All you need to do, is choose different next time.

The general direction your life has taken is considered a “vector.” When your vector is aligned with your destiny (your Highest Good) things tend to go well and progress feels smooth. If your vector is taking you in a direction that would make it impossible for you to fulfill your life missions, life gives you signs.

What do you do when you take a good look at your life and don’t like what you see? Sometimes, you may get the sense that you may have taken several wrong turns, and do not know how to make things right. Feng Shui is one way to correct your vector or the direction in which you are going.

A Nine Steps to Feng Shui Consultation can help you find out, by reading the signals in your home, what corrections need to be made in your space and in your life, so that things run smoothly, in alignment with what you came to do. When you are doing what you came to do, there is a side effect called happiness.


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