Thank a Business Today – I’m Serious!


I had a fit at age 8 when I saw a business near my neighborhood had closed. I can still remember the adrenaline kicking in and circulating through my body, as if all of a sudden I had become aware of a terrible danger. I don’t even remember now what type of business it was. I do remember I had never gone inside it. I knew it was a business that sold something, and not a business that provided a service. I do not have any memories from my earlier childhood that did not include seeing cars and people in front of the shop, which seemed to be doing very well. That day, however, there were boards covering up the windows and a sign that said “Out of business” in front of the door.

I hounded my parents with questions: Why did they go out of business? Did someone die? Where they unable to pay money they owed to somebody else? Did anyone get sick and had to close because of that? They didn’t know.

Until that point in my life, I did not know that a business could go “out of business.” We lived in a prosperous area of town. The economy was strong. I had never seen a business closing before. In my childhood mind, I had thought if you had a business you were set for life. I knew many people who had inherited their businesses from their parents — it was supposed to be something that endured. My parents had businesses. Did this mean they could also lose their businesses? If so, how would we live?

Even as a young child, I had a sense of the importance of businesses and entrepreneurship in a society.

Look around you, just about every single object you see exists because at some point, someone decided to go into business — making curtains, making clocks, lamps, couches, printer ink, you name it. The grass in your yard is there because someone started a business selling seeds or sod, and someone else started a business to transport these things.

Even the things and services provided to you by your government, such as the street that leads to your house, had to rely on the businesses that provided for them the vehicles, the equipment, and the prime matter to build the road.

The concern from seeing businesses close never left me, never, ever. To this day, when I drive by a previously successful business that has closed, I always want to know why. I have also identified the buildings and strip malls in my community where businesses always fail. In these cases, I also want to know why.

There is one such building on my way home, where there is a new business opening every year. They all fail. Even a tobacco shop, selling one of the most addictive substances in the world, couldn’t make it there. The building is surrounded by successful businesses on both sides and across the street. For many people this is a mystery, but not for me.

Businesses cannot succeed in this property, because it has bad Feng Shui. Plain and simple: bad Feng Shui is the cause. The prime location this building occupies cannot undo the chi draining effects in the front of the building and certain features that confuse chi on the side. Frankly, the only reason businesses even last that one year, is that they have a one year lease.

Every year, when yet another business has “gone out of business” there, the building owner invests a little more money on it, to try and make it more appealing to potential tenants. Every new tenant also invests a little more money, trying to make the place more attractive to potential customers. Nothing they do helps, because they are not addressing the chi problems. Every new failure continues to charge the building with the energy of defeat. As time passes, people driving by have also learned to identify this building with failures, and so this compounds the problem. The next business set to open there, in the fall, will be a coffee shop. Caffeine is considered the fifth most addictive substance in the planet. I expect this business will fail, unless the major Feng Shui blunders are corrected, and a good clearing is done from past problems.

If you are in business or even if you dream of being in business, you are responding to a primal need in society, to be a generator of products, services, and jobs, and I would like to get to know you.

I am starting a new list devoted to Feng Shui for Businesses and Entrepreneurs. If you are a business owner or manager, if you would like to become one, or if you are simply curious, please join my new list here:

In this list I will be sharing Feng Shui tips for businesses and sending out invitations to a new series of events that will take place on Sunday afternoons/evenings (depending on where you live) that will address mental, emotional and spiritual issues around handling money and being in business. These events will be free of charge, but you do have to be on this list to receive an invitation to attend live. Some businesses participating in these events, may become eligible for Feng Shui business consultations at a fraction of the total cost in 2016, so don’t miss the chance to learn and share. Click here to enter your first name and email.

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