Is poverty part of karma? Find out…


Do you believe that people are born into a certain financial status or social class because of their past life karma?

Recently, in a Taoist Facebook group I belong to, someone posted an interesting excerpt from a “Feng Shui Sorcery” book:

“Most of you suffer poverty due to your past Karma. As you are using a secret Taoist dharma to alter your destiny, or Karma, please bear in mind that you are defying the nature of cause and effect, therefore I would urge all practitioners to dedicate their good merits whenever possible to compensate for the alteration of your Karma.”

The comments under this post went sour almost from the get-go. These arguments were about Karma and whether it could be reduced or ameliorated.

No one was, however, questioning the veracity of the original statement. I pointed this out, and, for a while, things got worse. Then someone suggested that maybe the arguments were serving the purpose of avoiding addressing people’s feelings towards money, poverty, and whether past life karma had an influence in the affluence of a person in this lifetime.

Interestingly, after this, a fantastic discussion followed. The most amazing thing that happened, for me, was finding out that issues around poverty and its relationship with karma where exactly what participants in the Feng Shui Manifesting Course needed to clear at the time. Things in the Facebook group had gotten so ugly, so quickly, that I considered removing myself from the group, but something inside told me to stay. If I had not participated in this Facebook discussion, this would not have come to my attention. This was synchronicity at work, something we talk about often in the Feng Shui Manifesting Course.

For privacy reasons, I cannot share other people’s take on this issue, only mine. I thought to share my response with you in this newsletter. Here is what I wrote: (Read More)

A good response to the original post needs to address the veracity of the author of the book’s first statement: “Most of you suffer poverty due to your past Karma.” I have a number of issues with this:

1. Say that you accept that being born into poverty is part of a person’s karma. That does not mean that the destiny of that person is to stay poor for the rest of their lives.

2. The second sentence, “As you are using a secret Taoist dharma to alter your destiny, or Karma,” They are not the same! In Feng Shui we see karma as simply the law of cause and effect. Destiny, on the other hand, is your Path with Heaven, a point we emphasize in the Feng Shui for Business program. Either way, this statement seems to suggest that there is something subversive in a person’s desire to change their condition of poverty into one of greater wealth. Later, the quote warns that using a “secret Taoist dharma” constitutes a defiance of cause and effect, and that measures need to be taken so the person is not somehow “punished” for daring to take action to change their condition of poverty.

3. The notion that it would be somehow wrong for a person to change their condition of poverty contradicts the most basic Feng Shui theory and practice. The nature of wealth is to grow, as the wealth area is ruled by the wood element. As consultants, when we are helping a client whose wealth does not naturally grow from one year to the next, we look for signs of weakness or imbalances in the wood element of the person’s life, as evidenced by their space. If a person has found a way to contribute to their community, either through products or services, their wealth (made up of the accumulation of material possessions, skills and connections) would naturally grow over time. If this is not happening, this is seen as a lack of health that needs to be rectified. Money is not part of wealth (it belongs in another life area) but it does help feed wealth, just as water feeds

What happens when one’s desires are in conflict with Karma? Humans often do not desire what is in their own highest good or in the highest good of others, or the planet as a whole.

Fortunately, with the Feng Shui Manifesting Course you do not have to worry about that, because we work by freeing up the chi in your life and lining up your desires with your highest good. What this means in practical terms is that we manifest in a way that what you ask for only happens if it is for your highest good, and if it is not, you get clear signals that a path is not the right path for you. It’s like manifesting with a spiritual insurance policy! Give yourself the gift of learning how to manifest more money today. This course starts tomorrow, October 1st, make sure to be there from the start. Click here.

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