Is Credit Feng-Shui-Correct?


This is no “yes or no” question, it is more complex than that.

The general rule in Feng Shui, what is considered most auspicious, is to pay in cash. Not quite as good, but still OK is using a debit card (or money transfer) or a check (with funds!)

Using credit is not seen as auspicious, with one exception: If you get credit or borrow money to invest in something that will produce money for you.

Money in Feng Shui translates as water, and wealth as plants. The symbolism here is that you use water (money) to help a plant (wealth) grow. You would only borrow water (money) for your plant if the plant would eventually produce fruits or nuts that you can in turn sell or trade. You would not borrow water (money) for a plant that would not yield any fruits.

Let me share with you some examples:

  • If you borrow money to buy clothes because you want to look stylish, that is not good Feng Shui. However, if you borrow money to buy clothes so you can have the proper dress code for a job you have been hired for, then that is Feng-Shui-Correct.
  • If you use a credit card to buy an oven to make bread for your family, that is not considered auspicious (you should save your money until you have the full amount, then buy the bread maker in cash). However, if you use a credit card to buy an oven in order to deliver bread to a store that is going to buy it from you, then you get the Feng Shui OK!
  • If you use credit to purchase an online course, such as a Feng Shui course from my website (wink! wink!), and your intent is just to learn for your own pleasure, that is not Feng-Shui-correct. (You should wait until you have saved the full amount!) However, if you use credit to purchase a Feng Shui Consultant course with the intent to become a practicing consultant –and get paid a few hundred dollars by every client– then it is considered auspicious.

It is for this reason that, while I do not offer direct credit on my websites, my shopping cart uses the Paypal service, and Paypal is now offering 6 months with no interest (as long as you repay the credit in full before the 6 months expire) so you can split out the cost in monthly payments.

In short, if you want to buy something or get a service or a training and you do not have a business or money making intent for it, the Feng Shui advice is to wait until you have saved the full amount before making the purchase.

If you want to buy something in order to produce something you can sell, or get a service or training that will enable you to make money with it, then it is OK to use credit, but only if the monthly payments are manageable for your current financial status. Let me explain: even when you get equipment or training that will enable you to make money, you cannot know for sure how long it will take you to actually start making money, so whatever loan you get, you need to make sure that it is a monthly amount that you could afford right here, right now!

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