How I Became Ashamed of Feng Shui

I started my Feng Shui consulting business in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where people were very open to new ideas. In the Midwest I established my reputation as a teacher of Feng Shui. People in Iowa were not as open to Feng Shui, but they were curious and willing to learn.

When I moved to Knoxville, TN I was very lucky in that very quickly I met one person who connected me to many others in the open minded circles in town. Things went well until the economy crashed. As most people in the USA were watching their expenses, and Feng Shui was perceived by many as a luxury and not a need, the number of clients and students went down.

As a response I did what I needed to do, and became more assertive with advertising and networking, but this is what I found: in this town, part of the Bible belt, there were pastors that were preaching to their congregations that things like Yoga and Reiki were “from the devil.” I thought to myself, “What will they think of Feng Shui?!” and I became cautious about speaking of Feng Shui among religious people.

I sought refuge in a church community that is tolerant and open to all faiths. However, a large number of people in this group were humanists and rationalists who believed in dogmatic mechanistic science, and frowned at practices like Feng Shui, because their view of science has not been able to confirm their efficacy. One day, a woman who was upset at something I had posted on the email group about a natural healing practice, made a mistake and replied to me instead of forwarding my email to her friend. She started her comment saying my post was “Exhibit B” of the people and ideas she thought were ruining the community.

So there I was, between a rock and a hard place — the rock being the very vocal fundamentalists that wanted to denounce anything “not in the Bible” as coming from “the devil,” and the hard place being the “science-guided” people who would sneer at Feng Shui because they saw it as superstition.

On the one hand I was being told that my chosen profession was evil, on the other that it was stupid.

And by paying too much attention to those people, I became ashamed of Feng Shui.

I had previously been so secure in my knowledge, and so encouraged from my experiences in the two previous states where I had lived, that I had neglected feeding myself the kind of information that would strengthen my own beliefs and my practice.

I am sharing this with you because I bet that there are people in your life that because of their religion would scorn you for your interest in Feng Shui. I also bet there are people in your life that would sneer at you because they believe Feng Shui is superstition.

What to Do

The only antidote to not being affected by these people on the two ends of the spectrum is to stay strong and centered in what you know and what your experience of life is.

To do that:

Make friends with people who think and feel like you, people who share in your passion for things that may not be included in the confines of the religion or belief system that you grew up in, or that have not been sanctioned by mechanistic, dogmatic science.

Read books, watch videos, listen to interviews by and of people who strengthen and confirm your beliefs and experience. Some of the people that help me in this way are:

  • Rupert Sheldrake,
  • Bruce Lipton,
  • Carolyn Myss, and
  • Valerie Hunt.

Place reminders in your home about what your true beliefs are in life, beliefs that come from your direct connection with God and your direct experience of the world. These are spiritual Feng Shui cures.

If you feel you need more help, purchase one or both of the Angelic Feng Shui recordings and play them every day for a month, and then every week for maintenance, or when you feel the energy has stagnated or you need to “clear the air.” Click here to learn more about the recordings.

After All

After all, if a person tells me that Feng Shui is evil, that person is either knowingly lying, or mistaken.

If a person sneers at me because they believe Feng Shui is a superstition, since it has not been validated by conventional science, that person is both arrogant and ignorant.

In either circumstance, I am the person who is right, and I am the one telling the truth, because the truth is that Feng Shui works, and it is one of the most valuable tools a person can have to manage their own lives and to create happy and healthy environments for themselves, their families and their co-workers.

While other people may spend their time trying to judge or ridicule what they don’t understand, I am providing help to hundreds of thousands of people, who come to learn more about how to improve their lives with Feng Shui through my websites, books and YouTube channel.

So there is no more feeling ashamed of what I do, or worrying about what people will think of me. I have work to do: clients’ consultations to complete, students to train as Feng Shui Consultants, courses to teach (fortunately, I have completed all the books on my list!).

How about you? Have you stopped yourself from doing your work to your full potential because of worries about what people will think? If so, please use the “Reply” feature at the bottom of this article to share your story.



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