A Happy Life Is Made of Happy Moments!


A happy life is made of happy moments, and happy moments happen in happy places.

Ask someone to recall a happy moment, and they will be sure to include the description of the place where it happened: the hike through the mountains, the wedding by the lake, grandma’s dining room during Thanksgiving, or simply sipping tea and rocking in the back porch.

I once commented on how beautiful the staircase was in a Victorian home, and the owner immediately recollected how they had tied a thick rope at the top so their son could swing from the lower steps like a monkey, after a trip to the zoo, when he was 4.

Happy moments happen in happy places.

A home full of happy places is more conducive to the creation of a happy life than a home full of eyesores and areas of discomfort.

What makes a place happy?

These are three essential requirements for a happy place.:

• Comfortable and safe furniture.

• Objects you love.

• Empowered positions to sit or sleep in.

Comfortable and Safe Furniture

I am always surprised by the sheer number of clients who live with furniture that is uncomfortable or dangerous. There is that glass coffee table in the living room where the occupants of the home (and some guests) have all injured their calves. The stiff uncomfortable chairs that the housewife bought because a magazine said they were fashionable. The dresser that makes awful noises every time a drawer is opened or closed.

Make a vow to live only with furniture that you love, that feels great and that is safe. Choosing rounded shapes as opposed to angular shapes is a good way to start.

Objects You Use and Love

If you are keeping in your home any objects that you do not use or love, you have bad Feng Shui. If you keep things you do not use, you create clutter for yourself and are also preventing other people from using them. If you donated or sold these objects it would be a win/win situation.

If you live with objects you do not love, you get bad Feng Shui feedback to yourself every time you see them.

Why do you keep those objects? Did you get them because you could not afford something better? Do you hate them but love the person who gave them to you? Are you afraid of upsetting the person who gave them to you?

Maybe it never occurred to you that you shouldn’t live with things you hate.

Some of my clients keep a shelf where they place all odd and strange items given to them at gifts that they are not ready to let go of. Ideally, you would make plans to let go of or replace all the objects you do not love.

Empowered Positions to Sit or Sleep

You cannot be happy if part of your mind is engaged in trying to guess what is happening behind you. In your bedroom, and wherever you sit for periods of time longer than a few minutes, you need to seek an empowered position, that gives you the view and command of the room. For more on the power position watch this video.

Creating Your Happy Home

This article is a very short summary of some of what you need in order to create happy spaces to create a happy life, but there is a lot more to learn on this topic, since every room in the home has different requirements in terms of furniture, adornments, colors and moods.

If you want to learn more about how to create happy spaces I have a dynamic duo of books that can help you with this: Feng Shui Your Own Life Areas, Room by Room and Declutter Your Own Spaces. Together, these books will teach you all you need to learn to create happy spaces in every single room or area in the home.

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