Without this One Thing, You Cannot Be Happy


You can never be truly happy if you leave out this one thing.

Is it…

  • A positive attitude?
  • Positive thinking?
  • Gratitude?
  • Faith?
  • Love?

Actually, according to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of apace arrangement, it is none of the above. ALL OF THE ABOVE can strengthen happiness, but without this One Ingredient, no human being can ever be TRULY HAPPY.

The one ingredient without which human happiness is impossible is your doing what you came to do in this lifetime.

You see, in Feng Shui, one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believe that before you came into life you made a deal.

First you decided:

  • what things you wanted to experience
  • what you wanted to enjoy
  • what you wanted to learn (lessons and otherwise)
  • what you wanted to create
  • games you wanted to play
  • things you wanted to see
  • foods you wanted to taste
  • who you wanted to be around

Then Heaven asked you to do some things in exchange, or payment, if you will, for all that you asked for in order to assist other people, humanity, and the planet. These may have included:

  • whose parent you would be
  • whose sibling
  • whose spouse
  • writing a book
  • becoming a teacher
  • developing a new product or technology
  • helping to build things
  • showing by example how to live a happy life
  • healing your genetic family line
  • meditating to help stabilize and raise the vibration of the world
  • praying for those who don’t pray for themselves

The combination of all you wanted for this lifetime with all that was required of you in order to be here, were sealed into a pact known as your Contract with Heaven. People only find true happiness when they are fulfilling their Contract with Heaven.

A Seed was then created that blended all that you wanted for this lifetime with everything that was wanted or required from you. This seed included the set of circumstances that would make it easier or most likely that you would fulfill your pact.

These are the kinds of things considered when generating your seed:

  • your gender
  • gender identity
  • country of origin
  • nationality
  • genetics
  • language spoken at home
  • language spoken in your community
  • the financial status of your parents
  • social class or class consiousness
  • the members of your nuclear and extended family

Even your astrological signs were chosen to give you clues as to what you came to do, and to make it more probable that you would succeed.

Your commitment to fulfill this deal is what constitutes your Destiny — the things you agreed to before you came into life. Unlike the Western idea of fate, which is considered pre-determined, unavoidable and designed by someone else, destiny is seen in Feng Shui simply as Potential. You have the potential to achieve everything you came to achieve, but whether you do or not depends on how you exercise your free will — whether or not you align your free will with the will of Heaven.

Because you made this deal at a time when you had full perspective of what you wanted and all that was wanted from you in exchange, whenever you take steps in the direction of fulfilling your contract with Heaven, you feel happier, and whenever you don’t, or when you take steps that take you farther away from your spiritual goals, your degree of happiness declines.

During the month of December, I want to invite you to find your true happiness by joining me in the Feng Shui Manifesting Course. This month we will be Manifesting Greater Overall Happiness, by addressing the keystone of happiness: Your Pact or Contract with Heaven.

  1. We will have exercises and Feng Shui cures to help you find out what are the things you came to achieve in this lifetime.
  2. We will share spiritual Feng Shui cures to make sure that your home nourishes and supports you in the fulfillment of your goals.
  3. We will also use Feng Shui Cures to help you align your own free will with the will of Heaven, secure in the knowledge that what you chose as your destiny in this life is always aligned with your own Highest Good and greatest potential for happiness.

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