How the Space Sculpts Our Lives


According to cell biologist Bruce Lipton, our brains use the information they pick up from our environments to change our body chemistry and even our genes.

Our environments are what Feng Shui addresses. As consultants, we look at the health of spaces and we also look for hidden messages that spaces give about the people who occupy them. We don’t work with spaces with the purpose of creating beautiful, balanced and harmonious spaces per se, but because of the influence that spaces have in the human psyche and how people build their lives based on the feedback they get from their environment.

The Chinese say, “All things in your home are talking to you, make sure they have nice things to say.” This is, of course also true of the places where you work.

It is important that our spaces reflect the truth about our lives, or better. What do I mean by this?

A good number of my clients, before they consulted with me, lived in spaces that were not telling the true stories of how well they were doing in life. Even though they were very successful, their spaces gave the impression that they were still struggling students, or unhappy single women, when the reality was very different.

In some cases the negative feedback that these clients got from their spaces, was more believable to them than the truth!


After consulting with me, they made changes that reflected their financial and emotional success in life. As a consequence of these changes, things got even better!

Yes, it is important that our spaces tell the truth about our lives, yet simply making your spaces tell the true story about your life today is not enough to build a life of happiness that projects into the future.

It is also important that you plant in your spaces the seeds of a better future; a future with a better income, more wealth, stronger health, plenty of moments of enjoyment and fun, and loving relationships.

When you make small changes in your space that give you the feedback of improvement, it becomes easier to, in fact, improve in each of the Nine Life Areas.

Good Feng Shui, when properly applied, OVERRIDES lack of faith or negative thoughts. It works even when you do not believe it should!


Good Feng Shui bypasses unconscious beliefs that you should not do better than you are doing right now, because it plants seeds of success in your deeper mind. Your deeper mind is where manifesting happens.

The most common feedback I get from students and clients is that — many of them for the first time in their lives — feel like they have a say in what happens next.

Some clients have expressed to me that they feel like they are finally getting their hands on the wheel of their own destiny!

If the environment is so powerful that it could have an influence on your cells, imagine how important it is that you learn how to control your environment!

What is even better than controlling your environment, is to learn how to create spaces that are constantly telling you good things.

How can you do this?

One option is to learn by books. Read this article to learn how to use my books to Feng Shui Your Own Home.

• The second option is to get a Feng Shui consultation for your home.

• The third option is to take a Feng Shui Training Course. This is the best option if you would like to become a consultant, or if you would like to learn for your own enlightenment. The training includes the Feng Shui consultation of your home. In fact, it is a requirement, because no one can be a Feng Shui Consultant if they have not applied these principles to their own home!


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