How to Feel Chi in Less than One Minute

CHI is the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine and in Feng Shui the balance of negative and positive forms is believed to be essential for good health and happiness.

In the body, chi circulates through the acupuncture meridians, and concentrates in the chakras.

In the home, chi circulates through the air.

All Cultures Recognize CHI

There is a word for CHI in all cultures all over the world:

  • In India it’s called Prana.
  • In Ancient Greek it was known as Ether.
  • Nikola Tesla called it Tachyon Energy.
  • In homeopathy it’s called Vital Force.
  • The indigenous tribes of the Americas use different words, that translate as Primordial Light.

In the movies of the series Star Wars, they were going to use the term Life Force to refer to CHI, but they ended up shortening it to just Force.

Principles of CHI

There are three principles of Chi:

  • Where there is Life there is Chi
  • Chi connects everything
  • Chi is in constant motion, producing changes as it moves

Feeling CHI

Chi is a Chinese term translated as “Life Force.” Most people cannot see chi but most can be trained to feel it in their hands in less than one minute. If you have ever done yoga, tai chi, or belly dancing you probably have
felt a warm, tingling, magnetic sensation in your fingertips. You were perceiving chi, the life force.

How to Feel Chi in Your Hands in Less Than One Minute

Try this exercise and you will feel the chi in your own body in less than one minute. Chi is real, it is the life force, and it circulates and connects us through the air.

Moni Castaneda teaches you how to feel the chi of your own body in the palms of your hands in less than one minute with this simple Qi Gong exercise:

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