Why the Toilet Lid Must Be Put Down Every Single Time!

This article is part of a series called, “New Years Resolutions Worth Having.”

The first resolution is Say No to Fatigue. Your Feng Shui tip to say no to fatigue is below:

I have to warn you: if you get grossed out easily, you shouldn’t read this article while eating.

It is Feng Shui traditional advice that the toilet lid must be put down at all times, when not in use.

The reason given for this is that the toilet drains chi down. Chi is the Chinese word for the “life force” and it is dealt with in Feng Shui as a real subtle force that behaves in ways that have similar characteristics to light, sound, the wind, and a small child.

By the way, watch this video if you would like to learn how to feel chi in one minute.

Even if you do not believe that the toilet is draining down the chi, here’s a compelling reason to put that toilet lid down every single time:

Researchers set out to investigate the spread of germs from a flushing toilet. For this purpose, they filled up a toilet tank with water colored with a fluorescent pink paint. They flushed the toilet, which had been placed in a lab, and then checked the space around it to see how far they could find tiny drops of pink paint on the floor. The answer was 18 feet!

Get ready for the worst part:
these were the findings when the toilet lid was down! When the toilet lid was up, the paint did not just splatter the floor, it went all over the place, much higher than the standard sink.

This means that when you flush the toilet before you put the lid down, tiny droplets of toilet water splatter all over your bathroom, including your toothbrushes. So, the fact is, if you do not want to brush your teeth with toilet water (and all it holds before you flush), make sure everyone who uses your bathroom puts the seat and lid down before flushing!

There are other reasons why it is convenient to put the toilet lid down before flushing:

  • You will never accidentally lose a ring or an earring in the toilet.
  • You will never accidentally throw your toothbrush in the toilet.
  • Your toddler is less likely to try and flush something down it.
  • Your cats and dogs can’t drink from it or make splash.
  • You save yourself the nasty sight of seeing stuff go down the toilet after you went.

In Feng Shui, all physical drains in the home, the toilet included, are associated with drainage of chi, and drainage of chi is believed to induce fatigue.

If you share this with all the guys in your life there is an added advantage. Since in order to put the lid down, you first have to put the toilet seat down, you no longer will have any arguments about that either!

P.S. If none of the above works, consider this, keeping the toilet lid up is also considered in Feng Shui to be a way to lose money! The phrase “Flushing money down the toilet” didn’t come out of nowhere!

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