Remember: Sweep December 31, but Don’t Touch that Broom January 1st!


Starting the year with a clean house is of good omen, but cleaning the house the first day of the year is considered inauspicious in Feng Shui.

The solution: clean the house the last day of the year.

Clean the house physically (and also smudge it if you wish) on December 31st. On January 1st take it easy, rest, and don’t touch that broom or any cleaning supplies!

Cleaning the house on the first day of the year disturbs the chi, and starting the year with disturbed chi is “bad luck.”

Spend the first day of the year in meditation, read a good book, spend time with people you love, but don’t do anything crazy. That is what the 31st is for, the crazy stuff.

On January 1st, rest and relax.

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This is a great technique to use at the end of the year, even if you have never dealt with these issues, because it will release all less-than-love frequencies from your home – a great way to start the new year.

You may not know this, but all clearings should be done near the end of the year, and not at the beginning. You need to start the year with calm, undisturbed energies, and space clearing disturbs the energy. For this reason it needs to be done near the end of the year and not at the beginning.

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