Feng Shui Can End Your Money Worries


Nancy, a client living in a small city near Chicago is worth about 10 million dollars, and she is constantly worried about money.

Christi, a school teacher in the U.S. South, never worries about money and probably never will.

Susan, who is worth 2 million dollars, and has never worked a day in her life, has never worried about money and likely never will.

Paul, a small business owner, still worries about money, but not so much as he did when he was working a job where he was paid twice his current yearly income. Every year, Paul worries a little less about money.

So what is the secret to stop worrying about money?

The secret is to understand that money is an energy that comes from the future.


The degree to which people worry about money or not, has very little to do with how much money they currently have, and everything to do with how much money they expect to receive in the future.

Nancy worries about money because her fortune was made by her ex-husband, and even though she owns assets for 10 million dollars, her huge alimony is about to expire, and she can’t see where new income will come for her in the future.

Christi has tenure at her job, and knows that every few years, as she continues to accrue seniority, her salary will go up. Christi’s kids are college age, and their studies are being paid by a combination of scholarships and grants. She has a robust retirement account, and if she ever had an emergency that she could not solvent by herself, she is so well known and loved in her community that her former students would probably raise money for her on the internet with no trouble.

Susan was born into a very wealth family. Her 2 million dollars are invested in a trust fund that is well managed and has continuously grown at a good pace each year. She receives a very handsome monthly stipend and there is no reason to fear that it could stop in the future.

Paul worried constantly at his old job, because management was known for firing employees whenever they saw that they could hire someone else to do the same job for less money. Now that he has his own business, he worries because he never knows how many clients will walk through the doors of his store and make purchases, but every year he worries a little less because more people learn about his business and recommend him to others in the community.

As you can see, the only way to stop worrying about money is to have structures in place by which you can reasonably expect that you will receive money in the future, both in the short and long term.

In Feng Shui, we know that money behaves like water, and that it naturally goes down in value, unless it is wisely invested. In Feng Shui, money is part of the career area, not the wealth area. But money feeds wealth. Knowing this basic difference can help you set up your home for both increased abundance in income and consistent wealth growth.

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  1. I worry a lot about money. I agree that the only way to stop worrying about money is to have structures in place by which you can reasonably expect that you will receive money in the future, both in the short and long term. How do I do that? My small fixed income shrinks every year, and I barely have enough money to pay my bills and eat. I have health problems that prevent me from holding a full time or even a part time job of more than 8 or 12 hours a week. I have been on disability since 1996. I am 64. My health problems have become worse as I have gotten older. I used to think I would get an inheritance, but realize now that may not happen. Since this realization, I have been extremely fearful about my future. I watched the free webinar last night. I had an unexpected $300 vet bill today. I will also have some unexpected chiropractor and myofascial practitioner bills due to back problems this month that will have to go on my credit card debt. I have a good foyer and well organized paper work, so I feel like I have done everything I can Feng Shui wise.

    • Leslie, many of my students and clients live on fixed incomes. While working on my money program, they were able to get their finances under control. Sometimes it happened through gifts or help they received from relatives and friends, sometimes through finding great deals, or making lifestyle adjustments. Just about all of them found that money was escaping from their household in ways they had not realized before. One woman I know was spending too much on dry cleaning, so she learned to choose outfits that could be washed at home. Many had been afraid to change their lifestyle, and felt embarrassed just at the thought of having to do so, but then found that the changes they had feared were exactly what they needed. For example, one client had an extra room. She felt devastated when she had to get a roommate to make ends meet. Admitting that she needed a roommate was to her an admittance of defeat. Only after she got the roommate she realized how lonely she had felt before and how much she appreciated having another person in the home. I find that often what causes financial struggles and suffering is an attachment to a certain lifestyle and the fear of feeling like a failure if that lifestyle has to change. But many times the lifestyles people are attached to, are not healthy lifestyles for them. For example, one of my clients worked so hard to get a job that came with great money and great perks, but two years later she was miserable. She ended up quitting the job and starting a small business that gave her less money, but lots of time to enjoy. I am confident your Feng Shui is not the problem, the physical aspect has been handled, so now you have to look at the emotional and mental components. The online courses for manifesting money address emotions and negative thought patterns around money and survival.

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