How to Manifest the Money to Pay a Large Debt

how-to-manifest-money-large-debtA few months ago I taught an online class called How to Manifest the Money to Pay for a Training or Professional Services. Participants in that class got such unbelievable results from applying a Feng Shui cure having to do with metal, that they started wondering “what else could we use this for?”

Some of them asked me, if they could use this cure — that I designed to help folks manifest the money to pay for a training or professional services — to pay off a large debt. (The cure consisted of writing what you needed the money for on a piece of paper, writing a special protection phrase on the back, folding it in a particular way, wrapping it with aluminum foil folded in a particular way, and placing it in the right spot in the home. All of which had symbolic power in activating the cure.)

They asked:

  • How about my credit cards? (He had over 25,000 on credit cards.)
  • Can I use this to manifest the money to pay for my medical bills? (This couple had over 50,000 dollars on medical bills.)
  • Could I manifest the (over) $100,000 to pay off my student loans early? (This question came from a father of small kids.)

If you think about it, most people have a large debt if they have bought a home.

However, the cure that I designed to manifest the money to pay for a training or a professional service was very specific to that purpose. The number of folds on the paper and on the aluminum foil, the final shape of the cure, its location in the home — they all hold symbolic intent to manifest a training and professional services.

The main reason this cure CANNOT be used to manifest the money to pay for a large debt, is that the kind of money you would need to pay for a training or professional services can be manifested within your current standard of living — all you need is good timing, luck (not the same as chance in Feng Shui), or a windfall.

To manifest the amount of money you would need to pay a large debt, though, you need to raise your standard  of living — make a quantum leap into another level of income, wealth and comfort. You need to reach a level of abundance where paying off this debt becomes easy.

I am not surprised if you feel overwhelmed about paying a large debt if right now you have to devote 20% of your monthly income to make payments on that debt.

If those monthly payments came out of 10% or 5% of your income, you wouldn’t feel so bad. In fact, you could make double payments each month, in order to accelerate your debt payment.

Let me remind you that Manifesting the Feng Shui Way goes far beyond the “law of attraction,” affirmations, or vision boards. Manifesting the Feng Shui Way is based on the Chinese principle of Wu-Wei, translated as “effortless action.” In this course we seek to take the right action, at the right time, for the maximum results.





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