How Your Clutter Affects Your Money


Recently I started a Decluttering series in this newsletter, that I have been sending out on Saturday mornings. Out of all the messages I have sent out, the ones that are getting the most clicks and online hits are the ones where I offered decluttering tips for money and for wealth.

To tell you the truth, my most popular articles always seem to be the ones related to managing clutter or making more money. Let me ask you 3 questions:

  • Have you ever stopped to wonder how clutter and money are connected?
  • Have you ever considered that keeping excessive clutter might be hampering your ability to make more money?
  • Is it possible that by decluttering your home, you could open up the doors for a greater income?

The short answer is yes!

I could go on and on here about how money is currency, and currency is flow, and the stagnation that clutter generates in your home really obstructs the flow of chi, and as a consequence, actually blocks your ability to make money.

But I don’t want the left side of your brain to get skeptical about Feng Shui, so instead I would like to share with you 7 common-sense reasons why you should reduce your clutter, if you would like to make more money.

7 Ways Clutter Affects Your Money

1 – When you accumulate clutter, you lose track of the inventory of your possessions. In fact, many clutterers buy things they already have, but which they have forgotten that they have. And many more — this may surprise you — go out and buy things they know they already have, but going out to the store and spending money is much more agreeable to them than having to confront their junk rooms or junk areas!

2 – When you keep things that you do not need, or love, you are preventing others from using them, or enjoying them. How does this affect you personally? You may be unconsciously reaching the conclusion that you do not need to generate the income to buy new things, because you already have too much, and can’t even take care of what you have.

3 – When your place is a mess, it takes you longer to do things, and not just to find things you are looking for, but to handle different items in your home in order to perform tasks. If you believe time is money, you do the math. Interestingly, every single client that has ever complained to me that they didn’t have enough time for everything they wanted or needed to do had serious clutter issues. The ones that did address their clutter, found that time opened up for them.

4 – Accumulation of clutter means that you clean less. It is obvious: if you can’t even see the floor, how are you going to clean it? Who knows how many dust “bunnies” are reproducing under your piles of old newspapers! More dust means more mites, and more mites may mean increased allergies and colds, and these may lead to missing work or medical expenses.

5 – Clutter affects your reputation. People perceive “pack rats” as less dependable, and this may be costing you business opportunities or promotions.

6 – When people have a lot of clutter their appearance usually suffers, and in some cases their clothes may smell like a second-hand shop, a basement or (worst) cat litter! When you are perceived as a person who does not take care of herself, this may translate as not selling as many services or products as you could be selling, for your own business or for your employer, or you may not be encouraging clients to become repeat clients.

7 – Some of the “junk” you keep may have monetary value. Many of my clients, as they started decluttering, they found they had valuable items, such as out-of-print books that were worth hundreds of dollars, designer jewelry that could be sold for a lot more than the gold and precious stones alone, and electronics or digital devices that are sought after online. If you keep these objects in a mess, you don’t get to sell them and get more money!

Can you think of other ways that keeping clutter may be affecting your ability to make more money? Share your thoughts below in the “Leave a Reply” section.

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  1. An alert reader has pointed out another way in which clutter may affect your money: clutter increases the changes of mishaps and accidents, and those can be very costly!

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