2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey


When the Jade Emperor of Heaven summoned the animals to the palace, many animals answered his call, but only the first twelve had years named after them.

The Monkey was ninth, and it came in right after the goat. To get to the Jade Palace, animals had to cross a great river. The Monkey cooperated with the Goat and the Rooster, and together they built a raft, and used three oars to navigate the tumultuous body of water and get to the other side. Once they crossed, it was every animal for themselves.

What Is the Monkey Like?

The Monkey is intelligent and witty. He solves problems easily. When in trouble, he is usually able to get out of it, and will not hesitate to use trickery if he feels it would be beneficial for him. Monkeys tend to work well in teams, but often aren’t sensitive to the feelings or needs of others, to the point that they may not be aware of how their actions affect other people.

Monkeys are very enthusiastic, a quality that makes them popular, and they like to start new projects. They have good memories, lots of energy, and a desire to be constantly active.

Others may accuse Monkeys of having little compassion or patience for people who do not keep up with them. Monkeys tend to not hold grudges, and would rather move on to the next thing than think about the past.

The Year of the Monkey

The Year of the Monkey is a year of unexpected events, fast moving and with lots of variety and possibilities. A good year to start projects, be creative, and look for new directions. A Monkey year tends to be auspicious to both artists and entrepreneurs.

The Monkey likes people who are quick, decisive and bold. This makes it a great year for go-getters, but also a year when you have to watch out for scams.

Expect to see great advances in technology and creative proposals for the global challenges we face.

The monkey loves to party and socialize. This is a great year for workshops and community organization.

The Energies of the Year

The year will be a combination of these energies:

  • Monkey
  • Fixed element: metal
  • Year element: fire
  • Energy of the monkey: yang
  • Energy of the year: yang

The Fire Monkey

The Monkey’s fixed element is metal, but 2016 is a fire year. Fire melts metal, so this year the nature of the monkey will be limited by the general energy of the fire element. Fire means propriety. One association for fire is that of a spiritual glue, another one is that of the universal transmuter. (In Feng Shui, we use the color red to ask for the help or intervention of Heaven.)

Fire will control any excesses in the Monkey’s nature, if they are objectionable to the ideals of Fire. Thus, Fire will increase all social tendencies in a Monkey year, but will curb the Monkey’s inclination for cutting corners and seeking shortcuts, if these involve deceit.

What this means to you is that in order for your projects to be successful this year, more than in any other years, you need to operate from a place of integrity, respecting your moral code or values. When you act in tune with what you believe is true and right, the year of the fire monkey will be the wind that pushes your sail.

Fire will not tolerate the tendency to trickery of the Monkey. Shady deals will find quick karma!

Obviously, the Monkey does not like to be controlled, so the Fire Monkey tends to be irritable!

This is a double yang year. Yang means strength.

When does the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey start in 2016?

This Chinese Year starts February 8 of 2016.

Where to Place a Monkey Feng Shui Cure

The Monkey likes to be visible, so ideally you would place an image of a Monkey close to the main entrance of your home, in a well lighted spot. Click here to see the vibrational cures that Bill Austin and I designed for the Monkey. http://www.cafepress.com/fengshuicures/7026672

Year of the Monkey Spiritual Healing MugYear of the Monkey Teddy BearYear of the Monkey Oval OrnamentYear of the Monkey Ornament (Round)Year of the Monkey Keepsake BoxYear of the Monkey JournalYear of the Monkey Magnet

Compatibilities of the Monkey

The Monkey gets along great with the Rat and the Dragon, and he can work well with the Ox, Goat, Rooster and Dog. His relationships with Pigs and other Monkeys are neutral, and he clashes with the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Snake, and the Horse.

Click here for my analysis of how the energies of the Fire Monkey year will mesh with your particular Chinese Animal Sign.

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