Dare to Disrupt Your Patterns of Unhappiness

Acupuncture seeks to eliminate congestion and activate the circulation of Chi in the body, in order to interrupt and disorganize patterns of illness. This allows chi to restore health to the body.

My 9 Steps to Feng Shui Decluttering Method works by eliminating the congestion that clutter creates, and activating vitality. In this way, Feng Shui interrupts and disorganizes patterns of unhappiness, so that your life can flourish in a state of happiness. Happiness is to your life what health is to your body.

If you saw unhappiness as an illness, instead of just a feeling or an emotion, what changes would you make in your life today?

Making changes in your life becomes easier when you make changes in your space. You know this– that’s why you are here learning more about Feng Shui!

However, sometimes it is really difficult to make positive changes in your space. Sometimes you feel stuck, and even though you know you need to do something, you procrastinate– it is really hard to get something done when your heart is not in it.

To give you an example, I could gift you the most fantastic exercise equipment, but if I am unable to motivate you to exercise, it wouldn’t do you any good — it would just add to the clutter in your home. By the same token, if I taught you the best techniques on how to declutter and organize your home, but I didn’t teach you how to motivate yourself so you would want to clean and organize, you would be wasting your money. The information would just become clutter in your mind.

Fortunately, the Declutter from the Heart course starts by addressing the real reasons you resist decluttering, and showing you how you can use your heart energy to transform yourself into the better version of your own self — that person who loves living in an uncluttered and organized space, and who is able to identify and release clutter with ease.

Take this unique opportunity to learn how to Declutter from the Heart.

The techniques you will learn blend ancient Chinese wisdom with modern knowledge about the way the mind works, and how you cannot win, in the long term, if your mind does not acknowledge your heart. Decluttering can only be effective, and have long term effects, if your heart is in it.

There is no excuse for clutter. Learn how to manage your clutter:

Watch this free webinar on decluttering:

To discover what is the most important decision you can make to declutter for good, and be happy with the results, register for the free webinar below:



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