I Can Teach Anyone to Declutter!

This photo taken inside my home will prove to you that I can teach anyone to declutter

You probably assume, and you would assume correctly, that after 15 years practicing Feng Shui and over 10 years of teaching people how to declutter, my home is completely free of clutter.

Of course you know I am kidding, right? “Completely free” of clutter, HA!

You see, I live with these four guys:

All four of them, even the cat, have an uncanny ability to accumulate stuff. The three human guys, at times, seem to conspire against me and my determination to keep a house I can be proud of. However, I cannot forbid them from living or enjoying their stuff.

The only way for my home to be completely free of clutter would be for me to ask these guys to not have a life! Clutter is a consequence of healthy, happy, interested living! Things that once were used and loved, at some point become clutter, just by the passage of time. That’s why you can never completely get rid of clutter, you need to learn how to minimize it and manage it.

My great grandmother had, and allowed, absolutely no clutter. However, other people in the household complained that she didn’t let them live! (I’ll tell you more about my great grandmother on another day.)

Our family manages clutter, and we are pretty good at it.

With four guys, three human and one feline, our home gets messy, but it never takes us more than 20 minutes to put it back in order, because we have organizing systems in place, and we have allowed each one of us to organize their own spaces in the same way our memory type works.

My little one, like me, has cubby type memory files. We like to put things in cubes and we categorize them by interest or utility (degrees of excitement!). My older son and my husband have shelf-type memories. They categorize things by hierarchy (or importance). One of the biggest mistakes I made in the organization of our home was to once get my husband, for his chiropractic practice, a cube type organizer, that didn’t allow him to organize things by hierarchy. It was always a mess until I got him a horizontal shelf organizer, and he keeps it tidy, something that previously I would have thought impossible!

There are also vertical type memories. People with this type of memory like to place things vertically, and organize them side by side. Marie Kondo, author of a best selling book on tidying up, likely has a vertical type memory. She even folds clothes in a way that they can be placed as if they were vertical files in a drawer! Most people who successfully follow her method probably also have vertical type memories.

The only organization systems that will work for you in the long term, are the ones that are designed and work in the same way your memory does.

In my decluttering program I share with you insights to discover how YOUR memory works, and you will find out what organizing systems are the most likely to work for you.

As you can see, there is no excuse for clutter. Learn how to manage your clutter:

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