“Why aren’t you more famous?” they ask me.

People often tell me things like these:

  • “I had studied Feng Shui for many years and I was confused about many things, but when I found your website then everything became clearer. How is it that I had never heard from you before? How is it you don’t rank first online?”
  • “I had just finished taking a course as a Feng Shui Consultant, and then I found your free course, and just by watching the videos I learned more than in my whole previous training. I wish I had known about you before I spent my money with them. Why aren’t there hundreds of Feng Shui Consultants certified by you out there?”
  • “Before I found about you, I had bought every book on Feng Shui I could get my hands on, but after getting your book, I am going to donate all of them, or maybe I will just trash them! Why did it take me so long to find you?”

What all this feedback boils down to is one question: why aren’t you more famous?


Why Am I Not More Famous?

Well, part of that is due to my circumstances:

Ten years ago, when we moved to Tennessee, my husband worked 12 hour days, 7 days a week, and I stayed home alone with a baby and a pre-schooler, in a town where we had no family or friends. Finding good baby sitters was hard and very expensive. It was extremely difficult for me to go on consultations, give lectures, or teach Feng Shui Consultant Training classes, like I had done before.

At that time, I had the idea to turn my business into a fully online business, both for consultations and classes, so that I could work from home and train women as Feng Shui Consultants all over the world (soon I will share with you why my focus are women).
To put my classes in an online format I needed to have textbooks. It took me 6 years to write the books needed for the training, and it is taking 4 years to create video recordings of the classes (a project I will finish this year).

Why Did It Take so Long?


Do you even have to ask? (see above)

Writing books and creating courses were tasks that I could not delegate to anyone else — I couldn’t ask someone else to write my books or create the courses because the information was held only inside of my own head — you couldn’t find it anywhere else in the whole world. These things had to be done in the middle of cooking meals for my family, chasing after two very fast boys, changing diapers, and homeschooling.

I wrote 7 textbooks, each with at least 130 pages (do the math!) and also created thousands of illustrations for them, and either chose or took several hundreds of photographs so that I could clearly convey Feng Shui concepts and cures.

Now my boys are 10 and 13, and very independent. They don’t need me as much, and my husband has reached a point in his practice where he can have a very comfortable schedule, and help with the kids a lot more. So now has come a time when I can afford to become more famous.

Other Reasons Why…

However, being busy with family while developing the course materials, is not the only reason that I am not as well known as many of my students and clients feel I should be: There are other reasons, and they are not quite as charming as my two boys.

One of these reasons is that I am not originally from the USA and thus I don’t have enough connections with people who could help me get the word out, or who could introduce me to leaders of opinion who would do so.

Some things are harder for me to do than they would be for a woman who grew up here. For example, there have been people who hung up the phone on me upon hearing my accent. I speak English very well, but I do have an accent, and that accent is clearly Hispanic.

Other things are hard for me because of my own healing process, personal struggles that are consequences of having grown up in a very dysfunctional family, where abuse towards me took many forms and was the norm. (I will tell you more about this next Wednesday in an article about Feng Shui and productivity titled The Totality of Me, the Totality of You.)

Due to this history, I need to be extra careful in choosing the people with whom I work, and I need to meditate before taking every small step.

If greater fame is to come, I trust that as I continue to do my work, more and more people will be drawn to it, and more and more people will share about the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® with the people they know.

In the meantime, I am at peace in knowing that I am doing the work that I came to do, which is to make Feng Shui clearer and easier to understand by people all over the world.

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NOTE: While most people who visit my websites and YouTube channel are from the USA, I also have lots of followers in all of Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. (Actually, it is because my mission is a worldwide mission that I chose to write my books in English.)


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