The Totality of Me, the Totality of You


Every once in a while someone approaches me that thinks I should be running my business in a different way. It is usually a well intended person who genuinely believes in my work and wants to help me spread it out. They wonder why I am not more famous.

Sometimes the advice is really good and I take it to heart. Other times, the advice is good, but impossible or inconvenient to implement for me, because it does not consider the totality of my circumstances.

Years ago, someone suggested that I join the business networks in town. When I went to the meetings I met people who only were interested in selling their products or services, and who had zero interest in Feng Shui. Furthermore, since I had to get a baby sitter and I don’t live that close to town, at a whopping $15 per hour for baby sitting, the breakfast meeting that cost the woman next to me $12, ended up costing me $72!

Another example: recently, someone suggested that I contact professional and business organizations in my town to offer my services as a public speaker. A great idea, and I do enjoy interviews and public speaking very much, but my focus right now is in running my business as an exclusively online Feng Shui training and consulting practice.

The totality of me includes my gender, my age, my nationality, my ethnicity, and the particulars of the country and state in which I currently live.

It also includes the fact that I am married, that I have two kids and one cat, that I believe in preparing healthy meals for my family (from scratch, every day), and the fact that my husband and I home school our children.

The totality of me also includes the healing path I walk, and in every step I take, every decision I make for my family or for my business, I need to consider the impact that these decisions will have on the parts of me that still struggle– with low self-confidence, fear of rejection, or anxiety, as a consequence of the wounds I experienced as a child.

When I guide my business with Feng Shui principles, though, I can trust that the totality of me will be considered in producing the kind of progress that I can manage, because Feng Shui works by respecting a person’s destiny (understood in Feng Shui, not as fate but as potential) and their free will. We do this by propelling our actions with chi — the intelligent energy we call the “life force.”

When I do a consultation for you, all the cures and suggestions I offer are designed to consider the totality of you, including the hidden reasons why you may not be, unconsciously, ready to make improvements in a particular life area. Chi lets me know where you and I need to look more closely, where the energy is getting stuck in your life, to release it and allow you to soar, in your own time, in your own terms.

I want to offer you some of the feedback I have gotten from clients since I started doing solely all-online consultations, using a secret Facebook group that only the client and I have access to, as the main platform for communication during the consultation.

Moni it is incredible! [since I placed the cure for the fire element you recommended] I have been more creative than and productive than ever before! – W. A., Professional Musician, Knoxville TN.

Once I decided to just take things one step at a time I could handle it easier. At that point my husband started noticing how much better things were feeling and he joined up with me.  He is learning and helping with what we need to do and we were able to move through the simple, yet profound changes in our home, lives and emotionally too… Transforming problems we have had for 30+ years doesn’t happen overnight… if we keep taking one step at a time we seem to be getting closer and closer to how we feel we are meant to live/be.  R. R., Energy Healer, Montana

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