What Makes a “Home” a Home?

Setting-Up-House-Presentation.001During holidays, I can’t help but remember my female ancestors as they got together to prepare the traditional Ecuadorian meals.

I was lucky enough to enjoy my great grandmother’s presence until I was 18. My great grandmother Dorinda was the most organized person I ever met. She believed that the only way to enjoy life was to automate every possible task through the cultivation of good habits. Only through good habits, she said, you could get things done easily and in little time, so that you could devote some time every day to the important things in life, such as art.

I thought a lot about my great grandmother Dorinda as I designed the course Declutter from the Heart.

However, when designing my upcoming course Setting Up House – Room by Room my thoughts were with my grandmother Mercedes, who just turned 94 years old this past February.

My grandmother taught me the joy of setting up house. She would take me shopping with her, visiting many different stores, in various neighborhoods, until she found the exact ornament, the perfect mirror, the ideal upholstering fabric, to fulfill her vision of whichever room in the home she was decorating. She always kept a budget for home improvement and was constantly seeking to improve her surroundings.

My grandmother Mercedes taught me what makes a “home” a home. It is not how big or luxurious a house is, or how expensive or exclusive is the furniture you put into it. What makes a “home” a home are the people who inhabit it, and the love they put into it.

What makes your home a home is how committed you are to turning your current home into your dream home, and the choices of furniture, ornaments, art and accessories.

So, in honor of my grandmother, I am sharing with you a series of articles to assist you in turning your current home into your dream home.

We will be reviewing every room in the home and the one object that is essential for each room to fulfill the function it needs to fulfill for good Feng Shui and happiness. Valuable as the information I am going to be sharing with you is, it is but a small snippet of what you would need to learn to make sure that each room in your home is set up with good Feng Shui. Consider taking the course Setting Up House – Room by Room.

  1. What makes a “foyer” a foyer? (the foyer represents career)
  2. What makes a “master bedroom” a master bedroom? (the master bedroom represents love relationships)
  3. What makes a “dining room” a dining room? (dining areas represent family and health)
  4. What makes a “kitchen” a kitchen? (the kitchen represents wealth)
  5. What makes a “hallway” a hallway? (hallways represent the connection of each life area with the other life areas)
  6. What makes an “altar” an altar? (altars represent spirituality and travel)
  7. What makes a “child’s bedroom” a child’s bedroom? (children’s bedrooms represent creativity)
  8. What makes a “home office” a home office? (the home office represents wisdom)
  9. What makes a “family room” a family room? (the family room represents reputation)







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