Resolution No. 4: Control Income Exits!


This article is part of a series called, “New Years Resolutions Worth Having.”

Today, I am sharing with you a tip for resolution number 4: Control Income Exits!

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you do not control the excessive exits of money, you will never have enough, you will never be able to save or grow your money.

The most insidious exits of money are those that are very small, or hidden.

Because money in Feng Shui equals water, you have to watch closely to what happens to water in your home in order to create an environment where you and your family can prosper.

How can you make sure that your home promotes healthy spending?


To control income exits, especially small and hidden ones, you need to stop any and ALL leaks of water in your home.

Neglecting to address leaks, or not checking a few times a year to make sure that there are no leaks, creates the type of environment where you might also neglect to keep track of your expenses, or balance your accounts.

Making small changes at home, such as stopping leaks, can create the space for you to improve your finances.

Everything You Believe to Be True About Life is Expressed in Your Home

You affect your home and your home, in turn, has an effect on you. You establish a close relationship with your place.

This relationship may be positive or negative, but it’s never neutral.

Feng Shui – applied the right way – gives you control over what your home tells you, and whether your home is your supportive partner or a constant drain.

Let the home take care of you by applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System with Moni.



  1. Esperanza Galarza

    Dear Moni,

    I came upon your website because I have always been interested in Feng Shui. I see that you have many exciting courses to learn, however my interest is to become a Feng Shui consultant. If I were to start taking your courses, how do I know which ones will complete the course to become a Feng Shui consultan?.


    • Esperanza, thank you for your question: Please take a look at my online school. You can take the Introduction to Feng Shui course at no cost to learn more about my school and system (the Nine Steps to Feng Shui©), then start your professional education with the Feng Shui for Homes Consultant Training. 🙂

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