Are you paying your “rent for life?”

1. Are you paying your “rent for life?”

The day Muhammad Ali passed on, several memes popped up in social media, including one that said:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.35.31 PMI was saddened to hear of his passing, and I was especially touched by this quote, because this is one of the basic tenets of the philosophy of life that underlies Feng Shui.

This school of thought has the belief, a belief with which I agree, that life is not given to us for free. Before our conception, a pact with Heaven is made. This pact (or contract) with Heaven includes all that we desire to experience and accomplish as spiritual beings during this lifetime, AND what is expected of us, as payment, if you will, in exchange for all that we are about to receive. This pact constitutes our life mission(s) — what we came to do for ourselves, and in service to others.

Heaven then chooses our DNA and the circumstances of our birth to give us all that we need to be successful. Throughout our lives, we are presented with the people, knowledge and circumstances to help us along, or to nudge us back on track when we deviate from our path.

The most beautiful part of this belief, however, is the fact that we are expected to fulfill our life mission(s) in a state of happiness and health, not through suffering and/or sacrifice.

Are you living your mission? Are you fulfilling your pact with Heaven? Are you paying your “rent for life?”

Consider this:

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